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Which are the top Cybersecurity certifications to learn new skills?

Cybersecurity is a vast domain and consists of various tasks, from planning to securing an organization to protecting it from various cyber threats, and in case an attack happens, then it involves the right response and analysis processes too.

There are several opportunities in a cybersecurity career. You will get various job roles, each responsible for a specific task. So, there isn’t any particular ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of skill. However, the foundation of all cybersecurity tasks lies in the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity.

If you are looking for a top cybersecurity certification program to learn new cybersecurity skills, then you must first decide what kind of skill you want to learn. For instance, you should be clear if you want to master network security, enhance your skills in penetration testing, or simply want to learn and upgrade your skills for higher-level cybersecurity job roles like Security Manager. There are cybersecurity certifications for all. Let’s explore which one will be best for you.

1.    CompTIA Security+

To start with, this is the beginner-level certification that helps students and entry-level professionals learn and master the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Through CompTIA Security+ you can learn the basic cybersecurity skills required to perform core security functions like identifying and responding to threats, risk management, zero trust security, etc.

Through this certification, you can go for entry-level cybersecurity jobs like security architect, cybersecurity specialist, support technician, IT administrator, etc.

Eligibility: At least 2 years of work experience in IT with specialization in security or system administrator roles

Exam: 90-minute exam consisting of 90 multiple choice questions.

2.    Certified Cybersecurity Consultant (CCC™)

CCC™ is offered by the prestigious United States Cybersecurity Institute (USCSI®). It is an intermediate-level cybersecurity consultant certification designed for cybersecurity professionals with at least 2-5 years of work experience in the field of IT or security.

This program focuses on equipping applicants with the necessary skills and knowledge required to implement latest security strategies efficiently within their organization. The program covers important concepts like cryptographic techniques, application of cryptography, security architecture, machine learning in cybersecurity, and more.

In this self-paced online learning program that spans 4-25 weeks duration, you also get access to high-quality study materials including eBooks, lecture videos, and practice codes, to help you prepare for the certification exam.

USCSI® also offers excellent partnership programs where it offers attractive discounts to applicants from its member institute/organizations. Not only that, but it can also offer customized programs for their partner organizations that makes it highly popular in the cybersecurity certification industry.

Eligibility: Knowledge of programming languages, and operating systems and at least 2-5 years of experience. Or should have completed the CCGP certification from USCSI®.

Exam: 100-minutes exam with 60 questions. Applicants need minimum 70% marks to successfully clear the exam.

3.    Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

If you are looking to advance in your cybersecurity career as a leader, then having this certificate under your belt will immensely help you. This ISACA certification consists of four domains that you should have knowledge about; information security governance, information security risk management, information security program, and incident management operations.

By earning this certification, you will be able to demonstrate to your employers your ability to assess risks and respond to various security incidents effectively. Applicants also get plenty of resources including study guides, online study groups, and questionnaires to prepare for the exam.

Eligibility: A minimum of 5 years of experience in information security management

Exam: 4-hour computer-based exam and consists of 150 multiple choice questions.

4.    Certified Ethical Hacker

Offered by EC-Council, it is highly popular among students and professionals seeking to master ethical hacking and penetration testing skills. It covers five phases of ethical hacking and provides the applicants hands-on training and practice various ethical hacking methods practically.

You can eye for the role of ethical hacker, penetration tester, security strategist, after earning this certification. The skills and knowledge you will learn will help you identify vulnerabilities by simulating attacks in controlled environment with proper permission from the organization and present report to the stakeholders suggesting the right course of action to minimize vulnerabilities.

Eligibility: 2 years of work experience in the field of IT and security is recommended, though beginners can also enroll for this program.

Exam: It is also 4-hour exam and consists of 125 multiple choice questions.

5.    IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate

This is regarded as one of the best courses for beginners as it makes the students job ready in the help them create strong foundation for their cybersecurity career.

Through this course, you will learn about security analyst tools such as data protection, endpoint security, SIEM, and basics of systems and networks.

Eligibility: No eligibility requirements for this certification exam

Exam: No separate final exam. Students must complete individual course quizzes to earn the certificate.


These are some of the popular cybersecurity certification programs that cover different aspects of cybersecurity and will help you learn various concepts related to network security, device security, implementing latest cybersecurity strategies, ethical hacking, and how to manage risk and incidents in your organization. Depending upon which position your cybersecurity career is now, and what skills you want to learn, you can choose the perfect certification for you.