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What does RChilli bring you this Christmas?

Another year has flown by. We saw significant growth in 2022 & this year unfolded considerably differently than anticipated. So, here we are, sharing some of the most important milestones with you! 800w, 1200w, 1600w, 2000w, 2400w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” class=”align-center” />

2022 Highlights at RChilli

RChilli Inc. Maintains High Level of Security wiith SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Earlier this year, RChilli announced that it had achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance per American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations, also known as SSAE 18.

RChilli Now Parses in ‘Arabic’ on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

The advanced multilingual functionality offered by RChilli on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace assists Oracle users in parsing resumes in the Arabic language. RChilli supports 25+ languages in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace already. 

RChilli Joins the Rapid API to make its APIs more Accessible to Developers

Adding another feather to its cap, RChilli announced its presence on the RapidAPI marketplace in March this year. Now, it is offering its best-in-class APIs to the RapidAPI developer community.

RChilli CEO Wins International Service Pride Award 2022

Vinay Johar, CEO-RChilli, was awarded the International Service Pride Award for The Most Inspirational and Motivated Business Leader of the Year. Organized by the Topnotch Foundation, International Service Pride Awards 2022 was given to the winners who have contributed remarkably to healthcare, business, and education.

Resume Redactor API to Promote Unbiased Hiring

RChilli Resume Redactor removes bias from the hiring process by allowing recruiters to choose candidates based on skills and experience. It redacts the resume fields that can cause bias, such as personal information, education institution name, employer name, etc. 

Also, this API is of great use for recruiting agencies as they can mask resumes before sharing them with the employer.

How to Use Taxonomies to Hire the Right Talent?

RChilli understands the role of taxonomy in finding the right talent; therefore, RChilli has launched a comprehensive list of new taxonomies for its users. Apart from Resume/Job Parser, Search & Match Engine, Resume Redactor, and Data Migration, RChilli already offers Skills/Jobs Taxonomy to its users. In addition to this, the company now provides the following:

Education Degree Taxonomy
Education Institute Taxonomy
Postal Code Taxonomy
Geo Locations Taxonomy

With these taxonomies, users can easily organize unstructured information about the candidate in their database.

RChilli Launching List of Values for Oracle Clients For Enhanced CX

Poor matching of candidates’ skills with the job description makes recruiters compromise on the hiring quality. Therefore, a list of values is the latest addition to the technology stack for its Oracle clients.

How RChilli’s ML Plugins Streamline Recruitment?

RChilli now adds ML plugins to its list of innovative products and empowers its users to explore the power of machine learning.

ML plugins help streamline recruitment by highlighting the text from name entities and providing the candidate details in seconds. Users can also create branded resumes for their clients with this powerful technology.

RChilli Showcases its Phenomenal Products at International Conferences

RChilli exhibited at the HR Technology Conference, and Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas showcased its trailblazing HR Tech products and received much appreciation.

RChilli Releases Global Recruitment Trends Every Month

With the RChilli Global Recruitment Trend Report, the company is helping the HR Tech industry to stay ahead in talent acquisition by knowing the global recruitment trends. It offers a complete snapshot of the latest recruitment insights to HR professionals looking for data, statistics, and trends affecting the recruitment industry worldwide.

RChilli Adds Korean to its List of Languages Supported

RChilli now adds Korean to the languages supported by our resume parser to strengthen our multilingual capability. With this addition, RChilli can serve its solutions to the Korean market and help them experience the power of automation in recruitment. 

Our participation in acclaimed events like HRTech Conference and Oracle CloudWorld broadened our horizons and thought process to numerous global opportunities. We carried with us some great learnings we’d implement to amplify our business.

Join us as we celebrate our achievements and share them with the world.

Source: RChilli blog