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What Does it Take to Get Recertified as an Exterminator?

Many people may wonder what the first steps to take to get recertified as an exterminator are. One of the best pieces of advice is to keep everything from getting in your way if you plan to become a successful extermination technician because it takes a lot of hard work and determination. We should also acknowledge that there’s a very high demand for these types of professionals, but this shouldn’t discourage one from enrolling in a reputed school and expert training program. The course and agenda candidates ought to be based on their skills to support their financial needs, as many school courses are often expensive and require additional costs.

Professional Education

To become a professional exterminator, one must complete a scientific diploma in pest management, also known as an NCE certification. It is the minimum requirement for seeking employment as an extermination technician.

Work Experience

An exterminator will also require practical experience, which can be obtained through working as an assistant in a pest control company. The expertise your company gives you will further enhance your knowledge base, technical skills, and job performance.


In this field, one of the essential things a certified exterminator should worry about is getting recertified at regular intervals to maintain professional standards. The first step would be to re-register with local regulatory agencies and update your information. Suppose you have not attended any training courses in the last three years. In that case, you need to complete recertification courses in order to be up-to-date and better prepared for the industry. Learning about the updates to the industry separates highly trained professionals from those who could be better prepared. Pest Control Recertification Classes are available from various certifying bodies.

Continuing Education

Finally, you must always plan to attend several training courses to keep pace with the new developments that are constantly taking place in the pest control industry. Consider enrolling in a professional pest control school with specialized training programs.

Being an extermination technician doesn’t only mean dealing with pests; it also means ensuring that you have mastered the necessary skills, training, and knowledge of the pest control profession. From there, you can set your sights on a promotion, a supervisor, or even your company’s leadership. Achieving your goals will require facing many obstacles – but never get discouraged because qualifications like superior performance and excellent customer service will always pay off.