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Top 5 HR Tech Influencers Shaping The Future Of HR In The UAE

RChilli presents the most powerful recruiting leaders from the Middle East to provide the latest insights and keep you up-to-date on the best HR tech solutions and trends.

These HR Tech influencers from the Middle East have helped many businesses sift through the sea of talent and pushed the community forward with their inspirational stories and thoughts. They have participated in several HR Tech conferences and summits globally.

These leaders are experts in go-to-market strategies, HR tech solutions, diversity and inclusion, talent sourcing, employee engagement, and leadership in our digital-first world. Let’s get started with our list of leaders shaping the future of HR Tech in the Middle East.

 Karen Azulai

Karen is a multi-disciplinary, dynamic, and forward-thinking professional who works at the confluence of talent sourcing and HR Tech. She is one of the most influential people in the global sourcing and HR Tech communities.
She is a champion of advanced technology and advocates for its uses globally. Karen co-leads the Israeli HR Tech founder’s community and co-founded
She leads global talent sourcing seminars for companies seeking to enhance recruitment and sourcing more efficiently.

 Littal Shemer Haim

Littal is an independent people analytics consultant based in Israel. She has over 25 years of research experience in quantitative and qualitative methods. She is a seasoned professional with vast knowledge of employee engagement, organizational culture, employee assessments, employee benefits & rewards, training effectiveness, diversity & inclusion, and more.

She leads global talent sourcing seminars for companies seeking to enhance recruitment and sourcing more efficiently. Littal has given keynote speeches at conferences and professional events in Israel and worldwide. In addition, she regularly speaks at internal company events. 

 Rohit Manucha

Rohit is a CHRO and certified executive coach with over 14 years of experience aligning businesses with their strategic agendas and leading change across 20 countries. He has extensive experience working with board members and c-suite leaders to drive optimally sustainable organizational performance across various industries, including Fortune 100/500 companies.

His primary area of expertise is ‘organizational change & effectiveness.’ He is an expert in all aspects of HR and has received many prestigious awards globally. He has chaired/spoken at several international summits, created case studies, written white papers, and featured in prominent journals on various HR matters.

He has worked in human capital consultancy at KPMG, Hay Group, and corporate human resources at Pepsi – ORC, Dunia Group, Aujan Coca-Cola, and Aujan Group. He is on the Change & Transformative Collaborative (UK) board and the advisory council of the World HRD Congress.

 Mostafa Azzam

Mostafa has over 29 years of experience in HR and its various facets. He has served as Head of Talent Management for PWA (Ashghal), Qatar; Organizational Development Manager for British Petroleum (BP), Egypt; Head of Training & Development for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait; and Head of Talent Development for Marsk (EDC), Egypt. He is a world-renowned Master Facilitator, HRM Consultant, and Keynote Speaker.

Mostafa Azzam is a globally recognized thought leader, advisor, and authority on HR Analytics, Digital HR, Talent Management, L&D, and Strategic HR. He assists HR practitioners and organizations in realizing their full potential by leveraging Data-driven HR & Analytics to drive and sustain improved business performance.

For his contributions to HR, OD, and L&D, he received the Global L&D Leadership Award and the HR Best Practice Award. Mostafa was named one of the:

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 Kate Barker

Kate Barker is a CXO Advisory Leader and a renowned industry leader in the future of work, leadership development, diversity & inclusion, and HR/people/technology advancements.

Her career span over 30 years as an international advisor, working with Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide to stay competitive and reduce risk. Having forged partnerships with leading C-Suite executives, international royalty, and government leaders, Kate has been instrumental in advancing some of the most significant industry trends.

She has earned recognition in her roles, including Futurist for the $500B Futurist-City – NEOM in Saudi Arabia, as Senior Advisor to His Highness (UAE), and as a leading worldwide Consulting Partner at PWC (Asia) and Ernst & Young (USA).

Kate has consistently voiced her thoughts on Leadership + EDI + Future of Work. She regularly publishes her views on Digital Transformation, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, and the Future of Work at CXO Summits & Executive Roundtable.

Wrapping Up!

These individuals have consistently communicated their thoughts, intending to establish a stronger HR community. Their insights on HR and recruitment bring transformation into the HR world by empowering and informing others. The good thing is that you can always learn from them.

If you know of any HR Tech influencers in the Middle East we missed that should be on this list, please leave a comment, and we will update the list!

Source: RChilli Blog