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Top 5 Features of Modern Applicant Tracking Systems

Sourcing candidates and screening them for the right job at the right time has become essential for the organization. In modern days, recruiters face the biggest challenge of keeping constant track of candidates at every stage.

The hiring cycle is time-consuming and tedious, further complicated by spreadsheets, paperwork, emails, and phones.

Here are the few features of modern applicant tracking systems:

1. Unbiased Recruitment:

Recruiters must get faster access to the best candidates without any biased decisions for each job opening.

2. Enabled with AI-powered resume parser:

With an AI-powered resume parser api, ATS extracts details from resumes in bulk and saves them into relevant data fields for further use.

3. Save time with Automation:

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, recruiters can save their precious time and make their recruitment process faster.

4. Relevant data access:

The recruitment software or ATS should help recruiters gather all their data, providing crucial insights into applicants and previous recruitment processes. Recruiters or hiring managers can use this information to improve their present and future recruitment processes.

5. Candidate experience:

Don’t you think filling up lengthy forms and complicated login pages will annoy candidates? Candidates will either drop off immediately or end up rejecting your offer. ATS should efficiently extract data from uploaded resumes and auto-data fill fields of candidate information on the career page.

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