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Top 5 cash making marketing tips for your recruitment business

In my blog How to Scale Your Recruitment Business, I discuss how it’s actually very difficult to scale a recruitment business.  You can grow one, but not scale it. The reason is because scaling a business means increasing revenue, whilst not increasing resources. So as most recruitment businesses just add extra recruiters to bring in more revenue, this isn’t scaling, its growing. However, what I do explain is how you can increase revenue and profits in ways that don’t involve adding more recruiters.

This blog explains how if you do your marketing right, you can get a much bigger return on the money spent on marketing than money spent on extra Recruitment Consultant wages. 

The two best ways to increase profits, by increasing revenue but minimal increase in your costs, is to increase your average fees and smart marketing. I will be writing another blog on how to increase your fees, so this one is just on the smart marketing route. I call it smart marketing because anyone can blow money on marketing, but the key is to get it right, so you get a good return on all your marketing, not just carpet bombing and trusting that more means better. 

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