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Toll-Free Numbers for Businesses | Get 1800 Numbers in India

A toll free number is usually an 1800 series that can be dialed free of charge, anywhere across India.  It is the business that bears the cost of both incoming and outgoing facilities of the toll free service. Thus, a customer who calls on a business toll free number is not charged anything. The numbers usually have prefixes like 860, 855, 888, etc.

A business can choose the cheapest toll free number in India from many toll free number providers in India. To get a toll free number in India one can directly visit the website or call on the business number of the toll free number providers in India. Some of the benefits of getting a toll free number in India are as follows:

Increase lead conversion: A customer would be interested in a business when they see other customers using the given business’s products and services. Customer satisfaction leads to more customers in the business. With toll free numbers being a brand identity and also providing authentication in the age of online frauds, it easily draws more customers.
Build brand recall value: A toll free number becomes the brand identity as it provides immediate access to the business for the customers. It helps in creating a safety net for the customers to trust a business and confirm its authentication. With genuine branding, a business flourishes in the market as more customers are drawn along with creating lead generations.
Generate Business to newer market: A toll free number becomes a medium for communication for any customer across the world. As the customer does not bear the call charges, a toll free number is more accessible for communication. Thus, a business with domestic as well as the international number can easily draw more customers from any part of the world with very less investment.
Boost customer satisfaction: Toll free numbers are economical and time-saving for both, the business and customers. It reduces customer hesitation to call the business number as the customer is not charged anything. A customer can resolve their issue without being charged and just through a call. As customer satisfaction is an important aspect of any business growth, a toll free number can enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.
Track marketing campaigning: A toll free number records call of customers and help in maintaining a database. This database is very efficient for any business that helps in market campaigning. A business can use it to create better services for customers and also use it to generate tools to train the agents for better service delivery.
24×7 service availability: A toll free number is available 24×7 for customers which makes a business flourish in no time. It helps a business to extend its services across the globe with no barriers to communication, irrespective of the time zones.

Toll-free numbers are of three types:

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)
International Toll-free Numbers
Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

Getting a toll free number in India helps businesses to provide round-the-clock service for customers to resolve issues, answer questions and address enquires. Toll-free numbers help businesses to expand effortlessly without onsite infrastructure. It also provides easy access to call recordings, sends SMS acknowledgments to customers, and provides real-time alerts; along with options for blacklisting and working hours setup for managing costs.

Toll-free number service comes with the feature of personalizing the call flow and adding call routing rules to ensure seamless customer service. The charges of buying a toll-free number depending on the plan that a business is interested to buy, along with the rates fixed by the toll-free number service provider.  Looking for the cheapest toll free number in India is a struggle as many small businesses like startups with limited resources to invest in. Knowlarity is one of the leading yet cheapest toll free number providers in India. It helps businesses in creating a brand image with maximum features. It helps in increasing lead generations, to expand market reach to operate in new market spaces, enhancing interactivity for campaigns, etc. Knowlarity provides a free trial for Indian toll free numbers to choose better plans for themselves. It is trusted by more than 6000 organizations from more than 65 countries across the world.