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The Black Hole, that is the Hiring Manager(HM)!!

The Black Hole, that is the Hiring Manager(HM)!!

We have all been through it. Sending resume upon resume, screen upon screen, over to the HM, only to have them disappear, never to be heard from again. Seemingly lost in some black hole. The question is what to do about it. Well, there are numerous ways to deal with this.

Create a two-way SLA, that states how long the HM has to get back to you about candidates. Ensure there are ramifications should he not meet his end of the SLA. Things like his openings go to the bottom of the list or even do not get worked on. This will give you some leverage as it then provides you with documented support to take to your manager.

Ensure you are using some kind of reporting, send a weekly update to the HM, your manager, and the HMs manager. This will definitely make things happen.

Have a weekly meeting set up between you and the HM, were you can go through all the candidates, face to face.

Ensure the HM fully understands the concept of the “Hiring Team”. Sometimes HM do not get it and needs it explained further.

Ensure when you send submittals, they are clearly marked and sent as “High Importance”, even ask for a delivery and read receipt.

Set up a weekly sourcing session and ensure the HM attends,. This will force the HM to be more vested and therefore more likely to respond and will also show the HM how difficult sourcing really is. Once they appreciate it more they will respond better.

Some companies had hiring as part of a person’s review, I can guarantee this will ensure you get a response. Work with HR to make this happen.

Well, there are some ways to help alleviate the “Black Hole” that is the HM.