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The Benefits of Coffee Culture in The Workplace

Some days, a good coffee can see you through, especially when it comes to work. In the UK, 95 million cups of coffee are consumed every single day, so many will certainly appreciate the chance to take a little time out from work and enjoy the hot beverage.

However, while it might simply be a habit for you to pour yourself a cup of coffee, there’s more to the drink than it just being part of an office routine. It can boost your performance at work and help you form relationships. In this article, we will explore why you need to be prioritising a coffee break during your day at work.

More physical activity

Staying seated for the entirety of the working day is good for no one. Research has found that sitting down over a long period of time is related to numerous health issues, like increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol levels, so it’s necessary to get away from your desk.

Taking a walk to get a coffee, whether that be at a nearby café or just to your office kitchen, gives you an opportunity to stretch your legs. Every half an hour, just three minutes of standing and moving is enough to reduce the likelihood of any health issues that you could face from sitting for too long, so take a moment to have a little walk to the kitchen to fix yourself a drink, whether that’s a creamy vanilla flavoured coffee or a strong Americano.

Relationship building

Your colleagues are a major part of your life. In the UK, the average employee will spend approximately 3,515 days working in their lifetime – so that’s a huge amount of time spent with co-workers. With that in mind, it’s important to build relationships with those who you are surrounded by during the office days.

Coffee breaks are a great opportunity to unwind and take some time away from work talk. While teamwork might play a key part in your role, which requires plenty of conversation, having a coffee break together offers the chance to get to know your co-workers on a more personal level to form a relationship. Plus, this can improve happiness and mental health, as well as making you more engaged with work.

Increased productivity

Spending hours on end without a second to breathe can be exhausting. From back-to-back client meetings to staring endlessly at your screen, it’s essential to take some time to unwind. In fact, doing so can boost productivity.

Taking micro-breaks throughout the day allows your brain to reset. You’ll notice a happiness boost, and this can even improve your concentration, which, in turn, allows you to focus properly on your objectives for the day and be more productive. Simply walking to the kitchen to make a rejuvenating coffee, even just for a few minutes, will make it much easier to stay focused.

Protects eyes from strain

Having your eyes glued to a screen all day to complete your work is bound to cause some discomfort, so it’s no surprise that 77% of adults claim that their eyes feel strained after a long day of working. The symptoms of digital eye strain can include fatigue, dry eye, blurry vision, and headaches, which are all likely to be distracting while you try to work.

Thankfully, a micro-break can reduce your eye strain, so taking some time away from the desk is necessary. Something you could try is the 20-20-20 rule, which consists of looking 20 feet outside into the distance for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Taking a sip of coffee during your break is important here, not only to keep you alert, but it can also combat dry eye that you might encounter from your screen.

Aids learning

Some days at work can be more intense than others, particularly when participating in training for something that you’re unfamiliar with. But a cup of coffee after learning something new actually helps you absorb and maintain information quickly.

A quick coffee break to reflect on what you’ve learned during the day will help you to thrive. While it may be overwhelming to have plenty of new information thrown at you, you can always rely on your coffee break to unwind and keep that information locked away until it comes in handy at work.


Coffee has many benefits beyond the taste, and it’s clear that these can boost your performance at work. Thus, it’s crucial to remember to take these small breaks to keep you going during the day and to reach your potential.