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Side Jobs for Nurses Who Need a Little Extra Cash

Whether it’s that you need a little extra comfort in your insoles or a little extra rest before a long, 12-hour shift, it’s always nice to have extra. This is especially true as it relates to money. If you’re looking for a side job to earn a little extra cash, consider some of the ways you can get started.


Education is paramount to a person’s ability to be successful in various endeavors. Whether someone is looking to get a CPR certification or pass a Nursing 101 class, they’ll need a teacher. When you’re a registered nurse, you can lend your expertise to others in the form of teaching. Look into becoming an adjunct professor at a university or a facilitator for a health-focused course (CPR, First Aid training) at a local community center. It’s also wise to look for nurse programs that offer training in side job jobs, like Blomdahl USA.


If you’d like to branch out of the profession, you can opt to become a salesperson in your own right. If you opt to sell clothing as a reseller or baked goods as a chef, you’ll need to develop some skills in the sales department. Learn how to set up a website to sell your items online as this can be a lucrative side hustle that allows you the freedom and flexibility to work from home.


When people are in need of care at home, they’ll call on a professional nurse to provide caregiving assistance. Look for agencies that provide job placement and consistent work. Whether you’re assisting a person who’s recovering from surgery or caring for someone at the end of their life, caregiving can be an extremely rewarding job that can provide extra income on the side.

Camp Nurse

If you’ve ever been around children, you already know that it takes a miracle to keep them intact. From jumping off of couches and falling to running into walls, children can typically get into some fun yet potentially dangerous situations. During the summer months when camps are in session, look for work as a camp nurse. This is a job that can occupy your summers and provide some stability in your need for extra employment and cash.

When you’re a nurse, there are countless demands and needs from patients. When you step into a patient’s room, it’s not uncommon for each patient to need a little extra care. However, as a nurse, you have to also consider the times when you need a little extra in your own life.