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Service Level Agreement (SLA), a 2 way Agreement!!

Most of us know what an SLA is and how it is used. Simply put an SLA is – is a where the level of service is formally defined. What that means is, that it states who does what, at what level, and by when.


As it relates to staffing and particularly corporate staffing, it is what the staffing professional commits to with regards to a position and the hiring manager(HM). However, what most staffing professionals do not realize or incorporate in their SAL, is the hiring manager requirements.


That is a shame, as this is your time to get in writing, not just what you will do, but what the HM will do. This is your chance to get in writing how long they have to do it. For example, this is where you can get in writing how long the HM has to respond to you about a candidate.


I guarantee if you get a good SLA that outlines not just what the HM can expect from you but what you can and should expect from them, and it is agreed upon by all parties. You will have a much better relationship, and you will get a lot more done. You will create a true Hiring Team(HT), that will no longer have a clear line of demarcation, but instead will be one team, on the same sheet, working hard towards a common goal, with no finger-pointing.


A true, 2 way SLA is the key to creating a utopian staffing relationship with your hiring group.