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Resume Redactor to Mask Resumes for Workplace Diversity

Hiding personal identifiable information from resumes may reduce recruitment bias and add diversity to your hiring process. RChilli resume redactor helps you in masking resumes and can lead to a diverse and strong workforce.

The 5 key benefits of anonymizing resumes

When an organization mask resumes, the TA teams will focus on relevant hiring parameters and ignore personal information like gender, name, race, or sexual orientation that can cause prejudice.

Masking resumes with the help of RChilli Resume Redactor can lead to a diverse and strong workforce. Here are some of its advantages:

Mitigate bias

As the name implies, “unconscious bias” means we all have biases that we are unaware of, which can influence our hiring decisions. Unconscious bias can lead to discrimination despite our best foot forward to eliminate it.  Therefore, the first step towards better hiring is hiding candidates’ details, which can significantly lower the risk of prejudice.

Diverse talent pool

Anonymizing a resume can bring diverse candidates to an organization, leading to unique problem-solving techniques, promoting innovation, and enhancing the employer brand. 

Competent employees

When HR teams focus on an employee’s skill set rather than qualifications, they increase the chances of gaining a competent employee. 

Traditional hiring methods sometimes fail to attract the best candidates. Someone may be a skilled graphic designer, but their resume may not reveal this.

Previous work experience or academic background are not the best indicators for the candidate. Therefore, masking a resume serves the purpose and judge the candidates based on skills. 

Boosts employee retention and engagement

Do you know why employees leave an organization? It’s because they don’t see career development or do not have an empowering work environment. According to PewSearch, 63% of the employees cite “no opportunities for advancement” as one of the reasons to quit their jobs. 

With diversity in the workforce, an organization can promote employee retention and engagement as there would be a better exchange of ideas, a chance to evolve, and opportunities to learn. 

Less expensive and time-consuming

Blind hiring is less expensive than traditional hiring techniques as it reduces the human intervention needed to screen CVs & candidates and lessens the number of interviews conducted. 

If done correctly, employers can benchmark candidates for particular roles and only invite top candidates for a face to face interviews. Thus, significantly reducing the interview-to-hire ratio.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias With RChilli

By allowing you to redact a candidate’s name, age, experience, gender, address, and marital status, which implies unconscious bias, the RChilli resume redactor solution makes resume screening more equitable.

What is RChilli Resume Redactor?

With RChilli Resume Redactor API, you can exclude biased fields from the resume without modifying the resume. It retains the resume’s original format while masking the biased fields with ‘X’ or ‘NULL.’

The API can mask the following data fields:

Date of Birth
Marital Status
Phone Number
Address (Street, City, State, Country, Zip Code)
Current Salary
Language Known
Institution (Name, City, State, Country, Degree)
Current Employer (Name, City, State, Country, Job Profile, Job Period)
Previous Employer
Candidate Image
References and abbreviations of Name
Institution Name
Employer Name

Do you want to eliminate unconscious bias from your recruitment process and build a diverse workforce? Learn more about RChilli resume redactor here.

Source: RChilli blog

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