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RChilli Redefining HR Tech With Its Cutting-Edge Innovations

Innovation is the cornerstone of thriving businesses, propelling growth, driving change, and securing a competitive edge in the industry. Companies that cultivate an innovative culture are assured of long-term success.

However, innovation isn’t just an option in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. In fact, it’s the very foundation upon which successful enterprises are built. It serves as the driving force behind growth, instigates transformative change, and establishes a daunting competitive advantage within industries. 

Taking the lead in AI recruitment solutions, RChilli announced the integration of its parsing solution with Oracle Cloud, followed up by becoming a default parsing solution on Oracle Recruiting Booster in 2023. 

Let’s dive deep and find out how this innovation is helping ERP companies streamline their recruitment processes: 

How Does RChilli Parsing Solution In Oracle Cloud Recruiting Benefit the Enterprises? 

RChilli’s parsing solution offers Oracle clients various advantages. 

The innovative one-click apply feature preserves candidates’ precious time, sparing them the need to fill out resume details on job application forms repeatedly. This increases the candidate application rates on career pages by up to 85%.

Encourage diverse hiring by allowing hiring managers to parse resumes in 27+ languages, facilitating global recruitment.

RChilli’s Oracle HCM resume parser helps hire skilled professionals by customizing fields and removing biased data from recruiting decisions.

What Does RChilli Provide to Oracle Recruiting Booster Clients?

RChilli offers Oracle Recruiting Booster clients cutting-edge solutions for streamlined recruitment. From intuitive resume parsing, we empower recruiters with advanced solutions for talent acquisition success.

Here, we are sharing a detailed explanation for you to have a look at: 

1. Data Migration: Companies often avoid switching platforms for fear of losing important candidate data. RChilli’s data migration service alleviates this apprehension by facilitating a seamless transfer of data, augmented by a resume parser. 

Our parsing solution ensures flawless data migration and enhances and enriches it. Furthermore, this solution meticulously maps the data according to the new data location and provides comprehensive analytics reports after thorough data evaluation.

2. Data Reprocessing: At RChilli, we offer a comprehensive solution featuring a complete data reprocessing service. Our service guarantees our clients a seamless, safe, and secure experience. As an integral part of the data reprocessing process, we meticulously manage resume processing from ERP systems and seamlessly update the results within the ERP. 

With our professional approach, organizations can rely on RChilli to effectively manage their data processing needs, ensuring data integrity and optimizing workflows.

3. Redactor & Templatization: RChilli’s Resume Redactor encourages the promotion and hiring of skilled candidates by eliminating bias-inducing details like names and photos. It also ensures the candidate’s resume retains its original format. This empowers them to focus solely on skills and experience, aided by standardized, templatized resumes that provide fair evaluation and consistent hiring based on merit.

4. Taxonomy: RChilli taxonomy is a comprehensive collection of skills and job profiles. This helps recruiters to hire the right talent through the exact skills library.

In RChilli, we update our taxonomy every two weeks, comprising over 18 million values. Formatted skill names ensure inclusivity. Our parsing expands aliases, normalizes terms, and allows customization for Oracle clients, providing recruiters with comprehensive and tailored search results.

Bulk Profile Import (email integration) drag and drop features include RChilli’s bulk profile import or browser extension, which streamlines candidate profile creation for Oracle Cloud Recruiting users. Recruiters can easily upload 1-30 resumes from their browsers, eliminating manual file upload & candidate creation. The tool seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud Recruiting, automatically extracting and processing resume data.

Candidate Profile Import: Our intuitive resume parser seamlessly integrates with websites and can parse resumes in any format, expanding the talent pool. Also, it automatically maps resume data to Oracle HCM fields, enhancing recruitment efficiency. This AI tool parses resumes in multiple languages, reducing bias and boosting productivity. 

Did you know its best part is it helps provide seamless integration? It takes less than 30 minutes and is accompanied by a 30-day proof of concept. 

Our Comprehensive Product Package

RCR (RChilli Candidate Recharge): RChilli Candidate Recharge (RCR) offers advanced functionalities, including data enrichment through seamless integration with renowned third-party providers like Twofer, Loosha, Full Contact, and others. Its support for unbiased hiring through resume redaction and templatization ensures fairness.

Our RCR represents a comprehensive solution, leveraging unmatched expertise in candidate data to elevate recruiter productivity and efficiency through the integration of AI technology.

Final Word From RChilli 

Navigating the complexities of talent acquisition and sourcing can be daunting, but fear not! Our AI-driven parsing solution is here to revolutionize your hiring process in Oracle.

Unlock the power of RChilli’s Oracle HCM Cloud solutions, meticulously crafted by industry experts to tackle hiring challenges head-on.

We are excited to conquer the hurdles that lie in 2024. Contact our solution expert and discover how we can further elevate your hiring practices!

About RChilli

RChilli is the trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies, in 50+ countries, with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli’s innovative products, backed by an industry-leading tech stack, power the processing of 4.1 billion+ docs a year for 1600+ top global recruiting platforms. Enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010, RChilli is ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA certified, and GDPR compliant.