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RChilli is Exhibiting at the HR Tech Conference & Exposition at Booth No. 2114

RChilli proudly announces its participation in the upcoming HR Tech Conference & Exposition. As a leading player in the HR tech arena, we’re excited to unveil our cutting-edge solutions at Booth No. 2114.

Discover how RChilli can revolutionize your HR processes and amplify your recruitment strategies. Explore our standout offerings, including:

No. 1 AI Resume Parsing Solution Powered by Deep Learning/LLM
Skill-based Semantic AI Search & Match Solution
Normalize Data with the Largest and Most Comprehensive Taxonomy
Data Refresh To Keep Your Candidate Data Up-To-Date

RChilli at HR Tech Conference 2023: Pioneering HR Technology Innovation Globally

RChilli has proudly showcased its world-class HR technology solutions for six consecutive years at the HR Tech Conference. This ongoing journey has provided us with an exceptional opportunity to engage with the HR Tech industry and cultivate valuable connections.


Candidate Experience: RChilli’s One-Click Apply streamlines the application process, saving candidates time for a more positive candidate experience.

Quick CV/JD Matches: With RChilli’s Quick CV/JD Matches, recruiters can quickly find the relevant candidates and ensure a better fit between job openings and potential hires.

Facilitate Skill-Based Hiring: Our solutions extract and categorize skills, certifications, and qualifications, helping HR professionals match candidates to job roles based on expertise, enhancing hiring quality and saving resources.

Join RChilli at The HR Tech Conference,

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