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RChilli Exhibits at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

After a successful stint at Oracle CloudWorld 2022, RChilli is back at Oracle CloudWorld 2023. This time, however, the team brings to the table an array of cutting-edge parsing solution functionalities that can revolutionize the face of recruitment.

Witness how our parsing solution in Oracle Recruiting Booster redefines the hiring landscape and makes recruitment efforts more effective and efficient.

In addition to how our multilingual parsing solution facilitates objective-based hiring via automated resume screening process, how our AI-powered solution enhances positive candidate experience via one-click job application, and how the data-driven hiring solution encourage diversity & inclusion, we’ve added to our catalog- data migration, data reprocessing, and the ingenious RChilli Candidate Recharge (RCR).

Mark your calendar for Oracle CloudWorld 2023 – where innovation, inspiration, and transformation converge. It’s time to seize the future of HR like never before!

RChilli Candidate Recharge: Power Smart Recruitment

An annual subscription service, it’s a turn-key solution defining RChilli’s unparalleled expertise in the candidate data space that’s a blend of innovation, fairness, and candidate enrichment.

Key Benefits that Propel Your Hiring Success:

  Parse & Auto-fill Resume Data Fields
  Taxonomy Dataset
  Candidate Data Enrichment
  Redact/Templatize Resumes
  Browser Extension
  Email Integration

Transform your recruitment process with RChilli’s cutting-edge RCR technology!

Join RChilli at Oracle CloudWorld
Meet us at booth #79