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Partner Sat rating, the true measure of a good Hiring Manager (HM)!!!

So, we as staffing professionals are held accountable for candidate and client (HM) satisfaction. This is measured with a survey and subsequent percentage for success according to a set of question that are answered with a rating scheme.


However so much of our ability to be good, is dependent on our HMs. If you have a good HM you will be successful, if you have a bad one you will fail. To that end, there should be, and in some companies there is, a Partner Sat rating. This would be done the same as the candidate and client sat ratings, only it would be the staffing professionals and HR who work with a given HM who would be rating the HM. This would then allow the powers that be, to see who is truly committed to filling their positions, working with the staffing professionals and HR, and who is not committed and are a detriment to the process.