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Meyler Search Associates in Agoura Hills, CA

This is to announce the formation of my new company, Meyler Search Associates.  We are an LLC, based in Agoura Hills, CA specializing in the Technology World, but open to any kind of exciting and challenging searches.  Past Clients Include: 3Dfx; 3D Reality; 3D Visions; Agilent; Algor; Alliance Imaging; Alstom Power; Alta Analog; Aryx; Aromyx; Atherton Technology; ATI, Atomica; Auravision; Bakersfield Hospital; BioRad; bitboys; Brooks Automation; C-Cube Microsystems; Centura Software; Chroma Energy; Colorado Microdisplay; Cool Planet Biofuels; Crossbow; Cyrix; Desktop Metals; Diamond Foundry; Dow; DuPont; EG&G Almond; Electric Hydrogen; Enervault; Etak/Sony; Eutricity; First Virtual; Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper and Scinto; First Solar; FormFactor; GE; Genesis Microchip; Glo USA; Honeywell/Hughes; Inference; Iosil; IrOs; Irvine Optical; Kemet; Kenneth Norris Cancer Center; Koch-Knight; Konarka; Lumenari; Maxim Integrated Products; Medianix; MediaQ; Memscap; Memsic; Microdisplay; MicroOptical; Microsoft; Millennial Net; Mitsubishi Electronics; Morgan Advanced Materials; NanoH2O; NanoInk; Nanophotonica; Nanostellar; Nanosys; Nantero; National Semiconductor; Nex3D; OmniVision; Oppenheimer, Wolff, and Donnelly; Oxane Materials; Pace Controls; Phononic Devices; Power Systems Manufacturing; Promerus; Providence Holy Cross Medical Center; Providence St. Joseph Medical Center; QSI Nanotech; Rasna/PTC; RBC Dain Rauscher; S3; Sage; Saint Agnes Hospital; Selmet; Semprius; Sengenuity; Seoul Semiconductor; Shared Resources; Silicon Reality; Silicon Wave; Siluria; TE Connectivity; Tensilica; Touchdown Technology; Ubiquitous Energy; Unidym; Weitek; White Memorial Hospital; XPonential; XTALIC

We prefer retained and exclusive searches, and have placed individuals from CEOs and Board members to individual contributors.  Our “sweet spot” tends to be PhD scientists and engineers.  Maximum salary placed has been about $1million per year. I have personally placed three individuals with over 200 patents, each.