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Let Tech Drive Your Company’s Skills-driven Hiring in Oracle!

Chris Havrilla recently wrote a piece that highlighted the value of skilled-driven hiring in a company and its importance in today’s competitive industry. The exciting news, however, is that AI-driven technology supports companies and the recruitment processes to thrive as skills-driven organizations.

Skills-driven tech adds value across the line of pre-hiring processes of a business. Complimenting a business, regardless of the size, the tech evolves and adapts according to the open job profile, proficiency, and company environment.  

HR technology that leverages AI and recommends job relevant skills makes it easier for:

Talented candidates apply at a potential employer with skills highlighted as the selection preference. Company branding plays a pivotal role here. Once the candidates know that candidates in a company are selected based on their skills and not gender, age, beauty, or race, they’d highlight the important factors.
Hiring managers to integrate required and company fitting skills in the job descriptions. Often, it’s tough to mention skills, however, having an intelligent list of suggested skills proves helpful.
Employees and encourage them to keep their profiles updated in case any internal opportunity turns up. They can get an updated list of skills, including the inferred skills that they may possess but miss adding to their resumes. Not only this, the recommended list of skills help employees identify the skills they need to nurture.
Talent acquisition managers ensure they’re building a team of professionals, whether or not they’ve included the skills in their resumes. Automating with a parsing solution means the company get a list of skills taxonomy that enables them to hire the best candidate by matching the company skills like the ones mentioned in the resumes.
Business leaders and managers can ensure that their teams are working on developing skills that fit their business priorities. The skills suggestions added in the library can help to identify the trending skills which can enhance the employee portfolio.

In the dynamic landscape of skill development, the challenge lies in the ever-shrinking lifespan of skills, compelling companies to adapt to the business challenges. The advent of AI introduces a transformative solution—an intelligent system that perpetually identifies skills that can change the business dynamics.

This technology not only adapts in real-time but also fine-tunes skill recommendations as a business expands and evolves. The impact is profound. Modern advancements empower businesses to leverage AI in comprehending the essence of organizational DNA—embracing business conventions, language nuances, and cultural intricacies.

Imagine a skills technology that intimately understands your organization, offering an extensive skills list that’s updated regularly according to the current trends and is proprietary to the company?