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Know the AI Leaders across the Globe: Top Chief AI Officers

Artificial Intelligence, as we know it today, is not limited to only science fiction books but has become a reality. A decade ago, only a few companies employed AI in their business operations, but now along with small and large companies, even every consumer has started using AI in their day-to-day life. Whether it is using voice-enabled music systems, or recommended shows on your OTT platforms, all are AI-Powered. AI professionals have done an incredible job in this domain that is bringing transformative changes in the way we live and work.

AI leaders have an important role in this transformation. It is their vision and commitment to the development of AI technology that has been the driving force behind this transformation. Tech leaders like Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, Andrew Ng, etc. have already taken steps to revolutionize the AI application. Joining them are many other AI leaders in top companies. We will learn about them in brief in further sections.

What do the CAIOs do?

Artificial Intelligence is comparatively a new domain and not many companies have specifically designated AI department in their organization. A few companies those who do, have also appointed Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers (CAIO) who use their leadership and AI skills to improvise their AI vision and fully incorporate the use of AI in their organization.

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers are C-level executives who are responsible for designing the overall AI strategy for their organization, and they develop and implement AI initiatives. They work closely with the CEOs and top management to define the company’s AI vision and goals. They also assess the risks of implementing AI within the organization and build a culture of AI-driven innovations.

Top Chief Artificial Intelligence(AI) Officers

Here, let us have a look at top AI leaders who are transforming the world.

1. Gila Kamhi – Intel Corporation

Gilas has been working with Intel in this role since 2021. Her role includes leading the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology in the company. She explores ways to use AI in wireless and connectivity solutions and partners with people at Intel to add new AI services to their current products.

2. Gargi Banerjee Dasgupta – IBM

Gargi has previously worked as the Director of IBM Research in India and as the CTO for IBM. Now she has been appointed as the CAIO for IBM Automation where she is responsible for the organization’s overall technical vision and AI strategy.

3. Mei May Soo – Dell Technologies

Soo used to work with Finance, Accounting and Logistics in her previous jobs. She knows a lot about numbers and data. Now, she’s in charge of Dell’s project that uses smart computer programs to help customers solve problems in a careful and scientific way.

4. Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, PhD – eBay

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov is eBay’s top AI expert. He’s all about making eBay’s website better for everyone and uses AI technology to do this. His main goals are to make eBay stand out and grow exponentially. He works on AI platforms, creative AI, understanding language, and AI for mobile devices.

5. Sulabh Soral – Deloitte

Sulabh Soral, who has 20 years of experience in inventing new products, data science, and technology, is in charge of the Deloitte AI Institute in the UK. His job is to gather the best ideas about AI from around the world and use them to make machines work better with people.

6. Mike Mason – ThoughtWorks

Mike Mason’s job is to use advanced technology to solve business issues and teach AI leaders how technology and AI can be important for company solutions. He started working at Thoughtworks in Canada in 2003 and led technology projects for clients around the world as the Global Head of Technology.

7. Rahul Bhotika – UnitedHealth Group

Rahul Bhotika has an extensive background in AI healthcare services. His role includes developing AI and ML solutions for the UnitedHealth Group. The work also includes building tools and algorithms to minimize bias and deploy AI solutions in the most safe and secure manner.

8. Parminder Bhatia – GE HealthCare

Parminder has been working as the CAIO of GE Healthcare since April 2023. He is working towards making AI solutions for the betterment of patients. He has previously worked with AWS for six years and built AI-enabled cloud services.

9. Daniel Hulme, PhD – WPP

Daniel is a recognized AI expert and investor in emerging AI technologies. His works include defining, identifying, curating, and promoting AI capabilities in his organization WPP. He is also the CEO of Satalia, a company that provides AI products and solutions.

10. Moxesh P. – United Nations

Moxesh P. has been holding the position of CAIO in the United Nations since 2018. UN wants responsible use of AI and looks after regulations and guidelines in the usage of AI. Moxesh, therefore is responsible for working on projects concerning AI research and development.

(The list has been curated by AI Magazine.)

What does it take to become a CAIO?

Becoming a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) requires a combination of education, experience, and AI skills. First, you must have you foundation strong with a relevant educational background in computer science, data science, or a related field, often with an advanced degree like a master’s or Ph.D.

Next, extensive experience in AI research, development, and implementation is important. This may involve years of working on AI projects, managing AI teams, and staying updated with the latest AI trends. You need to prove yourself as an AI leader with excellent communication, and strategic thinking capabilities to become a CAIO, as they guide their organization’s AI strategies and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

A CAIO should have a deep understanding of ethical and responsible AI practices to ensure AI benefits everyone without bias or harm. Artificial Intelligence Certification can help reinforce your skills and expertise as an AI leader.

To sum up

These were the top AI professionals who are shaping the way with their AI vision in the top tech giants around the globe now. As the technology progresses, we can see almost all companies incorporating AI departments within their organization. Therefore, we will be seeing some great AI visionaries in the coming years. The best in this domain is yet to come.