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Protecting your job from robots and potential layoffs sounds easy now compared to dealing with today’s issues in health and economic security. Job security has become a matter of increasing concern.

Recent employment polls online have indicated that employers expect they’ll be laying off workers in the near future. 

On a happier note, many polls also found that openings for online jobs are increasing.
There is much uncertainty about the future, but you can make yourself more resilient. Try these suggestions to help you hold onto your current position and make yourself more marketable if you’re hunting for a new job.

Excelling at Your Current Job

Connect with your boss. Strengthen your relationship with your supervisor. Effective communication in the workplace goes a long way. Communicate openly and frequently. Maximize one-on-one time and try to adapt to their work style.
Focus on shared goals. Make your supervisor’s priorities your own. Helping them to succeed usually benefits you too.

Present proposals. Think creatively and take worthwhile risks. Prepare practical and specific suggestions on how to increase quality and reduce expenses.

Welcome feedback. Ask your boss and colleagues for input about your performance. Learn how to handle your performance review. Listen with an open mind and use their suggestions to make positive changes in the way you do your job. Thank them for their support and let them know they’ve made a difference.

Leverage your strengths. Try to structure your job in a way that allows you to focus on the things you love and do well. You’ll probably accomplish more with less effort.  Build habits that make you a more valuable employee.

Keep your word. Prove that you’re reliable. Follow through on your commitments, especially when they affect the rest of your team.

Exceed expectations. Go beyond your job description. Take on additional assignments. Put your heart into your work and try to deliver the highest quality.

Be helpful. Offer encouragement and assistance to coworkers who are under pressure. Youll create alliances that may be useful in the future, and youll probably enjoy your job more. Take a look at what Dale Carnegie taught us about how to win friends and influence people

In the end, remember one reality. Sometimes layoffs are inevitable. Sometimes, the decision has nothing to do with your performance. There is always a solution, even if you are laid off, let go, or fired. Keep that in mind.  

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About the Author

Mandy Fard is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW, CMRW) and Recruiter with decades of experience in assisting job seekers, working directly with employers in multiple industries, and writing proven-effective resumes.
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