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It’s Mid 2022 – Reinvention Is the Magic you will Need to Succeed

It’s been a few years since I have written a good Recruiting Blogs article.  It’s time to get back at it.  I’ve had too many lingering realities in recent months about the landscape that is Staffing.  Covid has indeed changed everything, the Labor Market is tighter, the challenges more real and adding value is going to require a different thought process than ever before.  I’ve been thinking about how I’ve got to drive results, how I can recreate Proactive Talent Acquisition strategies and for that matter, what it will take to reinvent EVERY area of my life.  There are many things I could write about, but as I have been pondering these things clarity has been elusive. 

I’ve been battling uncertainty, fatigue, a frenetic pace that hasn’t let up in nearly 3 years.  Much of it has been Covid linked.  Downstream effects that make your day challenging, moments that challenge fortitude and where life seems to want to challenge your realities.  2008 was the year I first started writing on Recruiting Blogs.  As amazing as that is, this was the one thing that always helped me find clarity, more than anything else.  Writing has a tendency to do that, and along with it, open up doors and dialogue across the vast virtual internet space.  Writing is what propelled me to become active in SourceCon and from there move me to connect with incredible people.  Today, we are in the midst of a forced renaissance of sorts in our Talent Acquisition landscape, and more largely in society as a whole.  The events of Covid have caused companies to shift, and reinvention to take a front seat.  Here’s a few examples:

> The Work From Home Revolution

>  The Tools we use

>  More Mental Health Focus

>  More Paid Leaves and Greater Time off from work including the emergence of unlimited PTO

>  Work Programs with more creative flexibility (think sabbaticals)

These are but a few of the adaptations in the workforce.  Other examples are the Gig economy and the rise of the contract worker being more prevalent.  Things are shifting, and tectonic plates of life and economic realities, inflation, war, broad based human needs, an aging workforce, pending labor shortages, and technology gaps all are playing a role.  As I take a step back re-evaluating my own staffing desk, re-evaluating work life balance, re-evaluating all the nuances at various intervals of life’s multi-faceted challenges the call to simplify is ever more prevalent.  In my personal life I had to do just that.

The way we attract candidates, and our talk tracks to close them are evolving, the intake meeting needs to be re-evaluated, and busy staffing desks bursting at the seams with requisitions, and not to mention a competitive market landscape are all playing a role.  I’ve been pondering where all these things take me in this year of 2022 – 14 years after I first started writing here.  The vision I have is that success is not just performance driven and results driven – though those things matter – but adaptability driven.

Today, look around you at all the things causing you headaches in your staffing day to day.  Most of them could be solved with reinvention, with an entrepreneurial zeal of commitment to focus in on the big picture.  How does your desk impact the organization?  Will you be able to reinvent such that the challenges can be resolved?  Can you contribute on a more higher level?  What will it take to have reinvention in your life, your work, and your all in approach to living?  It will take your discipline, focus, and commitment, it may even require your whole team.

Today, I’m facing challenges that I’ve never before seen, the landscape of 2022 is more interesting, more challenging, and invites disruption.  Today, I have chosen to see my life in a different way.  Driving results may mean reinvention, and as your commitment to reinvention starts catching the fire of success, others will start to adopt the approaches that make a good staffing desk flourish.  I’m personally sick and tired of life dictating the flow – from the volume of all sorts of staffing thought leaders clamoring for the limelight, to the rise of the millennial generation.  Throw in some Covid 19 and we’ve seen some pretty incredible moments.  But it was REINVENTION that caused some scientists to develop a working vaccine for Covid, and have almost returned life to normal in spite of a Russian imposed War.

There is no turning back from the inevitable challenges that have prostrated themselves on your path.  For me, many things are on the horizon, and summer seems to be heading in the right direction.  Throw in multiple fills lately, and my desire to stay 10 steps ahead of my staffing desk, and I suddenly have momentum.

Sheer volume requires even more agility, and even more Faith in what is possible.  Change is moving faster than I have ever anticipated, and with it, a desire to succeed, and exceed the challenges that have in-evitably come to pass.  Here now is the commitment that will make a difference even across cultures and that is reinvention, and openness to adapt.

Here are 5 Suggestions on Driving Reinvention – I hope they are helpful:

1. Every month, and when possible – attend Conferences/Seminars/Workshops:

There is no doubt about how tough this current recruiting environment is.  Case in point UT – is sitting at a mind blowing 2% Unemployment rate.  Thinking about reinvention in attracting candidates, sourcing candidates, and utilizing tools and technology to “break through” are increasingly important.  Take time to reinvent yourself by learning from colleagues, and others in SourceCon, ERE, and Recruiting Blogs Free Webinars.  These are invaluable.  I’ve found myself craving this content for sometime, and being able to attend is even better.  Best Practices lead to success, and learn new strategies and problem solving skills by attending these often.

2.  Practice Staffing Skills and Apply them to Other Areas of your Life:

When you are actively engaged in using your Boolean Skills for example, your strings are more refined and your search results target better.  Communicating better with those who are anxious, and asking good questions are all good staffing skills.  But Practice makes Perfect.  You will need to be patient and desire growth and change to be effective.  Practice negotiation skils, practice active listening skills, and create better ways to participate in the Community of Sourcing and Recruiting.

3.  Peer Source Solutions To Problems:

One of the most powerful solutions to solving problems is to source solutions to your most common problems, join Recruiting Discussion Boards, and put out ideas, share often with others, and keep asking questions of your recruiting peers.  The Recruiting Community is one of the most resourceful and helpful of ANY Professional Groups.  I have no doubt how important it is to be aware of familial circumstances while serving with your whole self.  As you start to observe what your peer recruiters are doing and ask good questions about how are they succeeding will make it easier.

4.  Rethink Your Intake Meeting:

Starting from the beginning of the Staffing Process at the Intake Meeting reinvent how you undertake this initial recruiting kickoff venture.  Ask good questions, and set and reset expectations.  Getting started in any environment this is a key factor to success.  Come prepared with Data and Intel: Source Resumes for Fit and put them in a file.  Then share with the hiring manager the profiles you have found.  Help the hiring manager realize how you fill roles, and for that matter being transparent with your creative ideas.  Sharing data with the hiring manager up front and resetting expectations all make a huge difference.

5. Think Like an Owner/Entrepreneur:

As you think like an owner Reinvention starts to accelerate, you are better able to help people and your enthusiasm goes up.  It is absolutely critical to be creative with reinvention.  Reinvention is the most important signal of information we see.  


Reinvention is now incredibly necessary.  With the frenetic pace of the world and everything in between – your creativity in role will pay dividends for years to come.  It is so very important to us to share deliverables faster.  Getting Creative with Reinvention seems to make a huge difference in staffing.  Patience is indeed important.  Thank goodness Reinvention makes a huge difference. The time investment for reinvention is small in comparison to the outcomes that come about.  But today is the right time for your creativity, reinvention and skill set to thrive.  You just have to commit to being the best you can be.  That’s still the connection to passion and commitment, the ability to reinvent yourself and find traction is one of the most remarkable feats that adds incredible value.  The horizon is opening doors, and I’m ready to delete them.  How powerful reinvention has moved things forward.  I’m a lucky guy.  #WheresyourNext