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It’s a small world after all, and the Pyramids!!

I know what you are thinking, what does a Disney song; have to do with the Pyramids? Well, the connection is really very simple.


 Let’s start with the pyramids or the premise of a pyramid. There is an old adage, if you tell a secret to someone, they will tell someone else, who will tell 2 more who will each tell 2 more, and before you know it everyone knows about the secret. Worse what you told the first person and what the last people were told will not be the same. The secret will grow legs and turn into some monster that is so far from the truth that it becomes out of control. This is the “pyramid principle” of communication. Each conversation builds onto another conversation and grows, like a pyramid.


Now let’s say you are a staffing professional, and you speak to a potential candidate and you treat them like a piece of meat. What do you think they are going to tell others? Trust me it will not be good. Of course, given the number of candidates around, you figure so what no worries. Well here is where the “it’s a small world after all” comes to get you.


If you remember in a previous post I spoke about how good people in a particular vocation or with particular skills tend to gravitate toward others of like vocations and skills. Heck, the whole social community phenomenon is built on this premise. Well let’s say you treat a C# developer like a piece of meat and they, for good reason, get upset. Who do you think they are going to tell? The answer, is others they communicate with, in most cases more C# developers, and of course, those developers will tell others and so on, and on, and on, until an entire community thinks you treat people like meat. Guess what now no one in that community will talk with you, and eventually, it will grow even bigger.


Now perhaps you can see how “It’s a small world after all and the Pyramids” are connected. A staffing professional’s reputation, how they treat their candidates, coworkers, etc. is going to dictate how successful they might be in the future. Because people will talk, treat them well, and everyone will be open and available, treat them bad, and eventually you will find yourself on the outside looking in.