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Is Black Always Best When Choosing Your Suits?

Many couples had to put their wedding days on hold due to the pandemic. In fact, 82% of weddings that were due to happen in April 2020 were postponed. But since the return of the celebrations, it’s time for grooms to go big or go home.

While black is a timeless choice for men’s suits, it’s not quite as bold as it could be for the big day. After the pandemic, it doesn’t seem right to go for a safe choice. After all, the bride’s dress won’t be the only thing front and centre.

But it’s important to keep in mind the suitable colour palettes for each of the wedding seasons. Here, we explore the most stylish colours that you can select for the alternative times of the year.

Winter: dark and dashing hues

If your special day is set to go ahead in winter, then darker shades are your best bet. But that doesn’t mean you need to play it safe by opting for black, as there is an abundance of wintery hues that you can choose from. But finding the perfect colour is something that can be hard to ace.

Navy blue is certainly a striking colour for your suit. It’s bold enough to refrain from being a safe choice while still keeping with the winter theme. And if you’re fortunate enough to see snow at your wedding, the colour will pop against the white scenery. Fabric is also key at this time of year, so you can be sure that you’re warm for the occasion. Twill fabric will not only do the trick, but it will add a finishing touch of texture to your suit.

Spring: subtle yet sophisticated

Spring is the time of year when we start to see more colour. Whether that’s the blue sky that we long for in winter or even the blooming of flowers. So if your wedding is set for spring, light hues are the go-to choice for keeping in accordance with the season.

Light tan is the perfect suit shade for grooms in spring. This will create a subtle contrast to the colours of spring, like green and pink, so that you don’t completely blend into the scenery. But you can still incorporate the colours of the season into your attire, if you wish, by adding a touch of blush with your tie and pocket square. These hues compliment each other perfectly and will add a dash of colour to your look.

Some brides will dare to be different and opt for a black wedding dress, which has in fact become a trend since the pandemic. If this is the style of your wife to be, then ivory could be the perfect choice; you won’t be wearing the same colour, and it’s a daring selection that allows more hues for your outfit accessories. Baby blue looks effortlessly stylish paired with ivory and is not a typically safe choice like black. This is a combination that will be as fashionable as it is memorable.

Autumn: warm tones for vibrancy

An autumn wedding will be met with an array of warm tones. But that doesn’t just relate to the scenery like the falling leaves, it can be incorporated into your colour scheme too.

Royal colours mixed with spice colours are the way forward for an autumn wedding, but burgundy and mustard, in particular, are certain to make you look dashing. The two together are vibrant enough to make a statement while still fitting with the time of year.  So if you want to stand out, mustard clothing, whether it be your suit or your shirt, will undoubtedly match the season — and the outfit will be on the guest’s lips. But if you’d rather save this pop of colour for your accessories, burgundy attire is still striking enough to draw plenty of attention.

Summer: playful yet classy

Like spring, summer is the perfect opportunity to sport some light hues. But a summer wedding is the chance to be slightly more playful. Your suit colour doesn’t necessarily need to be vivid to fit the season, but the sunny weather of summer presents the perfect excuse to splash out on colour.

Add some oomph to the pastel colours by selecting a patterned suit for your summer wedding. Check is the ultimate pattern to keep it classy, and paired with a pale blue, you will look confidently elegant. After all, lighter colours will keep you cool under the hot sun – so black is a no go in summer.

If vivid, eye-catching colours are something you wish to incorporate into your outfit, then you can opt for fuchsia as an accent colour. Paired with baby blue, it is a stunning colour clash – but if this is perhaps too daring for you, it will make a statement against an ivory suit.


Your wedding day is a memorable day for you and your partner. But while the occasion itself will hold a special place in your hearts, your choice of suit is an element that can be memorable to you and your guests. As you look back on the wedding photos in future, it’s important to feel confident in your choice rather than regretful – and playing it safe might cause this. What colour suit are you choosing for your wedding?