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Interview Question – Tell Me About Yourself Question?

Tell Me About Yourself Question?

Well, it’s the most stressful question and one of the most common interview questions, I always encountered whether it is a social meeting or during a Job interview.

For most, this is an easy question, but I find as I sit on interview panels and interview candidates for a job, this is a question that seems to set people off the mumbling route.

I remember a time when this particular question was a challenge for me, be it in a social or formal setting, I always found my mind would go poof immediately I heard it.

I then decided to practice more on how to answer this question and I came up with what I feel are two practical ways to respond for a job seeker during an interview.

The interviewer will ask the question of who you are to set the tone for the interview, they wish to see your confidence, ability to articulate yourself, and also your selling points.

For a Candidate without work experience;

(a) Start by stating your full names, do not assume the interviewer already knows it. Do not add regional, tribal, racial, religious reasons to why you were given your name. Simply state your name professionally and simply.

(b) Your Age

(c) Your Marital Status and the size of your Family. This is important only if the advert asked for a certain marital status. Or if the interviewer has asked, It is advised to minimize speaking about your very personal details during this part of the interview.

(d) Highlight the professional qualifications you possess and not indicate where you attended your early education ( Primary and upper Basic School). Use this time to sell yourself your skills with meaningful and positive attributes that are relevant to the job, include any awards you may have received as a student, state the position you held during your studies.

If what you studied is not in line with the job you applying for, please be quick to add the good reasons you applying for the job-.

A candidate with work experience should apply the same principals;

Discuss in brief detail and chronological order job experiences listed on your CV.

Use this time to talk about the achievements you have made as an employee. It is always important to keep track of how you are being or have been an asset to your previous employers.

Lastly, practice talking calmly, the panelist is your wish to be future colleagues or bosses. Make it count.

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