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How your ATS can hire faster and smarter with AI?

Have you ever thought of what time, money, and perfect candidates have in common? 

The answer is: you never have as much as you would like. 

Sourcing candidates and screening them for the right job at the right time has become essential for the organization. In modern days, recruiters face the biggest challenge of keeping constant track of candidates at every stage.

We know that the hiring cycle is time-consuming and tedious, further complicated by spreadsheets, paperwork, emails, and phones.

How are your hiring strategies helping you hire faster and better? 

ATS has deeply transformed the hiring process and given a turning point in recruiting activities. Today, recruiters need advanced ATS that can streamline their hiring process. 

What Will Happen When AI-Powered ATS Does Your Recruitment?

All these below points are ultimately the advantages of using an ATS with AI-based features:

1. Biased Free Recruitment 

With AI-powered recruitment software, recruiters get faster access to the best candidates for each job. Thanks to the advanced technology that analyzes all of the applicants’ data without any biased decisions.

The AI tools like a resume parser can omit biased data such as age, and gender, while parsing resumes. A CV/resume parser extracts applicants’ information from their resumes and saves it in data fields such as name, contact details, experience, skills, education, and many more.

Once it parses the information, the results are delivered in a structured format, i.e., HR-XML and JSON. With such a configuration feature, recruiters can create a pool of diverse talent and hire candidates who deserve the job.

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2. Time-Saving Automation

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks like resumes screening, AI tools like a resume parser help recruiters save precious time, making the recruitment process faster. One of the key benefits of using this tool is that it has less manual intervention in the hiring process.

Many recruiters have claimed to have an improved quality candidate ever since they started using ATS with AI-powered in their recruitment process. A resume parser can parse a large number of resumes/jobs in a scalable manner. Bid adieu to long working hours recruiters waste on reading each resume manually. 

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3. Increased Productivity by 30%

Investing in the right technology helps recruiters to improve their productivity. With the right technology in hand, recruiters can align all the processes on one dashboard. Manual tasks like screening resume single-handedly will not generate a desirable result. RChilli intelligent solutions can help recruiters in spending less time on high-volume tasks and increase their productivity levels. 

4. Relevant Data Access

This is one of the essential benefits of AI in the recruitment process.  AI helps recruiters gather all the data they need, providing crucial insights into applicants and previous recruitment processes. Recruiters or hiring managers can use this information to improve their present and future recruitment processes.

5. Candidate Screening

Nowadays, many software is available in abundance that can be used to find out the right fit. Through this software, recruiters can streamline their screening process easily. Applicant Tracking System with a resume parser will be the most intelligent tool given a new face to the hiring process. Extracting candidates’ information from their resumes will reduce the recruitment team’s burden by making candidate screening easy. 

6. Better Candidate Experience

Don’t you think that filling up lengthy forms and complicated login pages will annoy candidates? Candidates will either drop off immediately or end up rejecting your offer.

In both situations, it will negatively impact the user experience. To enhance candidate experience on your career page, recruiters can choose a resume parser with ATS. It efficiently extracts the candidate’s information and fills the fields automatically. This will improve your candidate experience and speed up your recruitment process.

There is ‘n’ number of ways that AI can benefit the hiring process, but these are some of the first areas to see AI play a part. RChilli offers excellent opportunities to bring innovation and digitalization to your recruitment process.

Let’s check how our solutions can help you streamline your recruitment process.

Source: RChilli blog