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How To Make An Impact To Your Business

It’s no secret that print is a successful marketing strategy. So much so, according to research from WARC, 70% of consumers feel valued when receiving direct mail. This works towards your goal of creating a positive association between your customers and brand.


Here, we’ll explore some of the ways your business can create print marketing that stands out from the crowd.


Incorporate print and digital marketing strategies

We’re living in the technological age. Digital marketing, therefore, is always going to be an important element of your business strategies. But this doesn’t render print marketing invaluable! In fact, incorporating both marketing strategies is effective and impressive.


Print and digital may seem as though they’re from different worlds, but you can enrich the customer experience by combining both. So much so, one study found that 84% of direct mail respondents interacted with online brands after scanning QR codes on print marketing.


The sky is the limit. To make the most of a combined marketing approach, include any social media handles your business might have. And if you don’t have any social media platforms, all the way from Instagram and TikTok, go and make the time to create them! 


Target your audience with industry data

Print marketing is integral to businesses. While this approach has proven to be successful, it can be difficult to make your print stand out from the competition. This is where data comes into the picture, including consumer profiles and address databases.


Data maximises the potential of print marketing. It helps you to understand your audience and their consumer habits. In turn, you will be able to tailor your marketing material to suit their needs, comprehending how they will most likely engage with each piece of print.


Every successful marketing campaign starts with data. To make the most out your direct mail, ensure your data is processed and stored professionally. This will make sure that the outcomes and decisions made have the biggest difference to your campaign.


Design with colour psychology in mind

It doesn’t matter how much time and consideration you put into targeting the right people, your print marketing material should still look appealing. One of the most important things to keep in mind is colour. Not only does the colour that you choose represent your branding, but it can also be used to influence feelings within the consumer.


Colour psychology proposes that colours have meanings. Red, for example, encourages the consumer to act and induces feelings of passion. This has proven to be a successful colour strategy for gaming companies like Nintendo. On the other hand, black has been used to promote elegant and sophisticated brands, including Ralph Lauren. So try it for yourself!


Quality over quantity

There’s no doubt that quality is more important than quantity. In order to churn out countless print marketing materials, your company will be burning through valuable time and resources. And this approach is unlikely to make a lasting impact on your customers.


People don’t want their homes and offices flooding with leaflets. Instead, focus your energy on creating print marketing materials that make a difference. This quality comes from the paper they’re holding in their hands and the design approaches they see. Your target audience are more likely to pick up a gold coin among coppers, after all.


Use sustainable materials

Sustainability has taken centre stage. In fact, according to research by Deloitte in 2022, 40% of consumers choose brands based on their environmental values and practices. So if your company is searching for ways to make print marketing stand out from the crowd, ensuring the materials used are sustainable should take precedence.


You can first prioritise using materials that come from previously recycled ones. Then you can ensure that the material can be further recycled. Providing future use for print marketing ads helps your business to make an impact on consumers.



Print marketing is here to stay. The question is how to maximise the benefits from this approach, whether combining print and digital or redesigning leaflets to capture your audiences’ attention. The end goal will always be the same: to make the biggest impact.