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How Kovasys Benefited by using RChilli Resume Parser?


Our great line of products and top-of-the-line customer service sets us apart from our competitors. Our passion for building future-ready solutions has earned us recognition as an expert in resume parsing technology in 37+ countries.

We aim to help businesses hire better talent faster. Companies who choose us as their trusted partners acknowledge and appreciate the value they receive from the type of partnership we provide.

Here’s proof of the above – In our recent interview with Alex Kovalenko, Director-IT Recruitment at Kovasys, we were delighted to hear about his experience working with us. Here’s what he had to say:

Saves time and reduces manual data entry

Alex says many candidates apply on their website, and every time recruiters had to spend hours manually extracting the candidate’s information. The process took a lot of their time. They were looking for a solution to fix the problem and found RChilli resume parser to fit perfectly.

High accuracy levels

Alex says RChilli resume parser has 95% accuracy levels, and they are benefitting from pre-parsed candidate information in the ATS. The information is present in a structured format and saved in 140+ data fields. Therefore, making it easier for them to search and receive relevant resumes.

Excellent customer care

Alex is highly impressed with RChilli’s short turnaround time. He appreciated how quickly the RChilli team responded to his queries.

On being asked about meeting expectations, Alex says RChilli has exceeded their expectations and saved not only thousands of dollars in a month but worth that much time of recruiters.

Innovative, Trailblazing and Advanced CV Parsing Technology

RChilli offers an excellent CV parser currently used globally by recruitment firms to streamline their recruitment process. To speed up candidate screening, you can integrate our CV parser API with existing apps and job boards.

Screen all incoming job applications more efficiently than ever before using an advanced parser to populate candidate data into 140+ fields. Therefore, find out the candidates with relevant work experience or qualifications in just a few clicks!

Ensure your clients receive a higher-quality candidate pool by using a CV parser. Contact a member of our team today to discuss your CV parsing needs. We are vested in your interests and happy to adapt to your needs. Hence, we’d love to discuss how our AI-powered cv/resume parsing could be helpful to your organization.

Interested in seeing what RChilli can do to help your business? Join our incubator program now for as little as $150.

Source: RChilli customer speaks on their resume parser