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How is AI creating more new jobs globally?

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, a great fear also aroused that became a hot topic of discussion i.e. how many jobs it will replace and how many lives it will affect.  A report from World Economic Forum states that around 85 million jobs will be replaced by AI. That is a big concern to consider. But the good news is, the same report states, AI will create more than 97 million AI jobs by 2025. So basically, AI will be creating more jobs than it will replace.

AI systems are designed and developed to ease human processes. What AI is capable of is replacing repetitive and manual tasks that require less to no skills, such as data entry, generating copies, or simply stacking crates in a warehouse. And thus, humans can focus on more creative and innovative tasks. In this article, we will check out some jobs that are created with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the world.

New job profiles were created to develop an effective AI system

Let us first have a look at the different types of jobs required to build an effective AI system. It includes jobs required to build, manage and regulate AI systems as follows:

Professionals required for developing AI systems

These are the professionals that are responsible for developing the AI systems. Right from conceptualization to deployment, these professionals contribute with their AI skills to build systems that could ease and can transform the way live and work. The popular job profiles in this category are AI engineers, ML engineers, AI consultants, etc.  Their task includes coding, understanding business requirements, designing, developing, testing, and improving the AI systems.

Job profiles that make AI systems ethical and do the regulation thing

Whenever a new AI system is developed, there are various kinds of concerns related to its ethical practices. It was like in the case of ChatGPT where experts questioned its biases and data privacy violations. Therefore, AI system development also requires ethical experts that can regulate and see the final product being developed is ethical to society. This category includes AI jobs like AI Auditor, AI Policy Analyst, AI Compliance officer, etc.

AI Professionals that make AI systems safe and secure

The development of AI systems also gives rise to many security issues. Since most AI systems are based on network and cloud infrastructure, they are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks causing losses to businesses millions. And AI systems like Alexa, autonomous cars, etc. are more prone to be hacked harming consumers directly.  Therefore, many cybersecurity job profiles are also created because of AI.

New professions created in various industries because of AI

In different industries, different kinds of AI job roles are also created. And in the coming years, we will see new job roles in various industries. Here are some examples of new jobs in the following sectors:

Healthcare: In the healthcare industry, there are AI Surgeons who use AI-powered robots to perform surgery even at different locations. Then there are AI medical researchers who use AI to develop new medicines and cure of diseases. AI diagnosticians use a large volume of data and analyze them using machine learning algorithms to diagnose diseases.


Agriculture: There are new jobs such as agriculture technologists that use AI tools and technologies along with their agricultural knowledge to devise new types of crops and plan effective ways to do irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting. Then there are AI-powered livestock managers and food inspectors.


Logistics: Artificial has given rise to new job roles in logistics and these AI professional’s salary is sky-high as well. In this industry, there are freight planners, delivery drivers, warehouse managers, and other similar profiles that are effectively leveraging the power of AI to make their work more productive.

These are just a few examples of how AI is creating jobs in various industries. The way new AI systems are being generated every day, by 2025 and beyond, we can see new AI job roles created in almost all industries.

Boosting entrepreneurship

Since the AI revolution started, we can see innovative minds coming forward to contribute to the betterment of society. While ChatGPT got huge fame and garnered 100 million users in just 3 months, there are many AI start-ups that didn’t get the fame they deserve but are doing great to enhance business operations. Scale AI, Notion, DeepMind, Cerebras System, and Databricks are some renowned start-ups that have created huge amounts of jobs. If you have any idea that can transform the world, then go ahead.

USAII® contributing to the progress of AI

Though AI systems are capable of doing several tasks effectively, they are far from replacing human skills. It is humans that have created artificial intelligence, and they will only be using this AI system to enhance their creativity and efficiency. United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is a global and one of the best AI certification institutes that are contributing its part in the AI transformation of the world by empowering professionals with the AI skills they need.

You can earn a certificate from different AI certifications provided by USAII® depending upon your experience and eligibility criteria. These certificates are valid for 3 years which will immensely help in the advancement of your AI career. And since these programs are updated regularly with the re-certification, which has very nominal fees, you will remain updated with the latest AI trends and technologies.


Artificial Intelligence is a savior for a lot of professionals as it will be creating a huge amount of jobs in all categories and all industries. You should not fear it will replace your job. What you need to fear is not upgrading yourself with the latest AI knowledge and skills. AI will bring a lot of opportunities your way but you need to make sure you are ready to grab those opportunities. Get future-ready, get AI-ready.