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How Better Communication Can Improve Your Leadership Skills

Clear, accurate communication is essential for effective leadership. Skills such as listening and objectively interpreting what people say contribute to a productive work environment. Here are some things you can do to enhance your verbal workplace interactions.

Availability and Accessibility

Promoting availability among those you oversee is an important task. You should be available at your job so that anyone who has questions or needs help can consult you. Although methods vary, consider providing access through an open-door policy at work and ensuring everyone has your office phone number and email address. Another vital aspect of accessibility is to assist people with special needs. Make sure that they are provided with the resources needed to communicate with others in order to minimize misunderstandings.


Whether speaking to an individual employee or making a department presentation, use language that everyone will clearly understand. Avoid being too casual or too formal. Take time to accept questions, and if you can’t answer right away, offer to get the required information as soon as possible. Provide meeting agendas so everyone knows what to expect. Unclear communication is not only harmful but also wastes time and contributes to low morale.


Keep records of all job-related communication. Some leaders maintain a daily log of meetings they have by phone or in-person along with follow-ups if needed. Documents should be dated and include the names of everyone involved. Written records help to avoid confusion or debate about what was said. Some managers circulate informal notations to participants for their approval or input and edits.

Active Listening

Make time to attentively listen to what others say. Look at them and give them your attention. Listening while checking email or glancing at your mobile phone can be seen as disrespectful. Ask questions to clarify key points. Take notes for later reference. Becoming a good listener will help you earn the respect of those that you work alongside.

Offer Communications Training

Not all employees know how to communicate clearly, which can cause problems on the job. You may want to schedule professional training with an agency like Magnovo Training Group, LLC. They can tailor sessions to meet your employees’ specific communications needs. With the help of team-building exercises, groups will become more efficient in processing written or verbal communication.

Speaking, listening, and strengthening team collaboration all play a significant role in a leadership role. Make sure that you and your employees are communicating effectively with each other to do the best possible work with reduced frustration and limited delays.