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How AI and Automation Can Revolutionise HR

The uses of AI are still being discovered across every industry and department. One department that can find plenty of use for AI and Automation is Human Resources. In fact, 81% of HR leaders have already explored or implemented AI into their processes.

Caroline Gleeson, CEO at hiring software business: Occupop, says: “AI and automation technologies are becoming a part of everyday functioning in the workplace. While HR is deeply rooted in the people of your business, having these systems can actually help your HR department find more time to work with the staff and provide better support, with the right systems lightening the workload of administration tasks and paperwork.”

In such a human-centric role, what can AI and automation technology do for your HR department?

Applicant screening

AI and automation technology can be useful in recruitment and talent acquisition processes. Using hiring software, your HR department can sort through high volumes of resumes in a shorter time, helping you fill crucial skill gaps quicker and assisting in finding the right people for your company.

This automated software can be used to find the right applicants for your job role by screening resumes to filter out candidates who don’t have the experience or essential skills you’re looking for. This can help ensure you’re not spending excess time interviewing people with the wrong abilities or inexperience for the role – especially in higher-skill or crucial company roles.


Onboarding can involve a lot of paperwork, filling, and administration. By implementing AI and automated systems into this portion of your HR tasks, you’ll be able to spend more time integrating your new hires into the company culture and their roles rather than filling in the information.

This can help streamline this process. An automated AI approach can also ensure your new starter gets everything needed for their new role, like training resources, videos, and guides, which AI can distribute to your new learner, depending on their job role and department head.

Performance analysis

Another way AI and automation can start revolutionising the workplace is by ensuring you’re getting the right metrics for performance analysis. AI and automated processes can use your company data to find the best performers within the company and those who might need additional support. This can also aid your finance team and heads of department when it comes to handing out bonuses.

Automated processes can also aid in continuous feedback, analysing your company’s performance without bias, and understanding which areas need the most improvement. This real-time feedback means you can spend time working closely with the teams needing the most support.  

Self-service for employees

Finally, AI can be useful for employees who need to ask questions, contact HR, and more. Implementing a self-service system can ensure that HR isn’t spending too much time answering the same questions, as you can set up a chatbot to assist with that. If your staff need answers to a more complex situation or question, then this system can also flag the need for human intervention from the HR team.

It might also make your staff feel more comfortable alerting HR to personal and professional problems as they input the information without the need for human interaction, only prompting one-to-ones when you deem it necessary. In this way, staff can easily provide medical information, update personal information, or leave requests which can be picked up at the appropriate times.


While HR is a human-centric role, focusing on giving the employees the protection they need, having the resources of AI and automated processes can be a large benefit. It can help you improve onboarding, recruitment, and performance analysis and ensure you’ve got more time to do the work that truly matters – attending to your staff.