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“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.”

                                                                  Bill Gates, Co-founder- Microsoft Corporation

Paper-based job postings, internal hiring, referrals, and word-of-mouth- are some of the old-school generational ways of hiring the right people for the organization, that are redundant in today’s competitive world. The simplicity and familiarity of these methods are deemed useless today, as technological advances have enthralled major sectors of the world economy. Hiring professionals for the right job posting is an important element of getting the job done in time and with less resource exhaustion. Bill Gates, like many other key players of the world economy, realized this pivotal element of the evolving recruitment and employee sustenance procedures to keep pace with the right strategies in time.

With times changing rapidly, and the way we look at the roles offered and the AI skills listed for the position, the recruitment processes have come a long way from print ads to online job postings and Zoom interviews. Living in the digitally driven corporate times, there is a huge expanse in the entirely new talent needs, wider skill gaps, and business challenges that seek an upgrade with the new talent acquisition procedures in place. The global pandemic has led to a wide shift in the ways we go ahead with talent-sifting processes, with the remote workforce being a commonplace landscape.

Automating procedures with AI in recruitment departments of organizations have simplified routine tasks, training and development, and other management processes. These clever predictive analytics have put future behavioral predictions at the core of technical advancements.

With the times evolving at an unprecedented pace, aspirants willing to enter the realm of AI education have also experienced immense growth. Let us look at the way the future of talent acquisition in 2024 and beyond, would be impacted, by artificial intelligence becoming the means to drive the right people for the job role.

Proactive workforce planning

Recruitment and talent acquisition are not just about hiring the right people for the job today. It extends to determining the size and composition of the workforce as well. AI-powered software for workforce planning includes a dashboard that allows users access to real-time information about their current situation, which assists in making smarter decisions related to new hires.

Enrichment in employee experience

Quality employees are the backbone of organizations and petty perks of flexible work hours or complementary coffee are not enough to keep them for long. What qualifies for an enriched experience for the employee includes elaborate job postings that are targeted, and the procedures included in hiring and onboarding new hires. These are easy reflections of the organization for the new entrant at the onset.

Augmented reality in workplace competency assessment

AR is a commonplace technology that is being implemented by the hiring teams or onboarding teams to train and orient new employees to the organizational procedures. These include virtual classrooms that prove to be accessible and allow the young candidate to feel like part of the bigger organizational group.

Digitized Interview platforms

With the global pandemic hitting the core of the world economic order adversely, digitized interviewing platforms have become a common occurrence when you apply for a preferred job role.  Robotic video interviews and automated assessments are on the rise, clearly making things more structured and streamlined, with proper infrastructural backing in place. The entire process also offers constructive feedback alongside documentation for future reference and growth.

Sourcing the right talent

Posting job openings on online portals such as LinkedIn and is a convenient way to go about initiating recruitment processes. AI-based recruiting technology helps in reaching the right candidate automatically with appropriate data taken from multiple public and proprietary data sources. Also, in case you receive a recruitment email, this signals the communication is powered by AI.

Smart onboarding and employee engagement

Employee engagement is the key driving force today when you think of allowing amplified business growth in the front gear. Large organizations with a pool of knowledgeable employees look at streamlining processes via AI, which helps in aligning their skills and interests to the learning paths and the skills required for the project at hand. This helps in fostering productive work culture in the organization.

AI-supported digitized applicants’ assessment

Artificial intelligence designs smarter means to score resumes and identify candidates best suited for the open position. The parameters thus set help in digitally sifting the right candidate from the pool and saving time for the recruiters and ensuring productive times ahead.

Of all the smarter techniques put in place, all of the above a targeted at providing the right talent for the job with less time and strategic technologies in place. Many AI certifications are popular in the international AI market today, but investing your time and resources in the one that amplifies your employability manifold with the in-demand skills taught, is the one to go for. Succeed in today’s increasingly remote and digitized business landscape with the best AI skills coupled with AI education in place. Begin today!