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Fascinating Benefits Of AI Tools in Hiring

“Employer Of Choice” is how every company wants to position itself to its potential targeted candidates. Having a positive brand image is what helps them achieve this.

Employer branding, as many endorse, is a perception that both the existing and the future employees hold of a company. This may include setting up company values, work ethics, and culture that align with the candidate’s idea of an ideal workplace. However, the employers usually end up misleading candidates with a company image that’s better than the reality.

What is Company Branding?    

In a layman’s language, it is about outlining your company’s unique value proposition. Or in other words, what unique set of benefits do you offer to the employees, acknowledging the skills, knowledge, and expertise they’ll bring to your company.

An employer or company brand is a blend of different touch points with your candidates, starting from when they stop over at your career page, apply to the job, to getting hired.

But, what if these aspects become a reason for a company’s negative branding? It requires a lot of effort to establish a positive and authentic brand image. However, a few mistakes and the results can be disastrous for an employer.

In our first edition of how automation with HRIS solution plays a significant role in creating a positive brand image, we are highlighting a few pain areas and how RChilli’s resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange can be a perfect solution for enhancing positive candidate experience. 

Pain Area 1: Candidate’s Drop-off Rate Is Higher Than Apply Rate

Have you calculated the number of candidate applications you receive on average after posting a job opening? Is it more or less than you usually expect? If your reply is the latter, there are chances that the candidates either don’t apply to your job posting or find the application process too tedious to leave it mid-way. Whatever be the reason, it isn’t good for your company’s reputation.

Solution: AI-powered RChilli resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange transforms job application into a one-click process. The candidates can upload their resumes and apply for a job with a single click. The exhaustive process of filling up the details already mentioned in the resume and spending 15-20 minutes on a website’s career page is translated into seconds.

We’ve researched and put down a few pointers in our previous blog that could help recruiters hire better.  

Pain Area 2: Your existing workforce isn’t diverse

Believe it or not, proficient candidates prefer to work at a company with a diverse team. While manually scrolling through the resumes, recruiters consciously or unconsciously introduce biases in their selection approach based on gender, race, religion, age, and ethnicity.

It won’t take long for the word to spread in the industry about the company’s biased approach to selecting candidates. 

Solution: What if you could get a database of candidates with details fetched according to their skills, qualification, industry experience, licensing, and certification? RChilli resume parser helps recruiters remove all the bias-causing indicators from the selection process.

Having a skilled and qualified workforce regardless of color, race, or gender equates to better performance, happy clients, enhanced revenue, and ultimately a better brand image in the industry.    

Here’s how further our parser in Salesforce Appexchange helps recruiters better their hiring practices. 

Pain Area 3: You take too long to revert to the candidates

Manual data entry is the culprit behind you not responding to talented candidates on time. Processing hundreds of resumes, each with a different set of experience, caliber, and skills is time-consuming and bound to come with errors.

Delay in responding to the candidate-in-demand shows your lack of interest in hiring. You end up losing good candidates to competitors, which is unhealthy for your company’s revenue and brand.

Solution: RChilli’s intelligent Salesforce resume parser automates resume screening and data entry. This saves a recruiter’s valuable time, which in turn speeds up their call-back time. The parser parses multiple resumes in a go, extracts accurate candidate data according to the fields selected, and saves the data in Salesforce.    

A quick call-back also assures that you hire the best-in-class candidates, reflecting in your positive brand image.  

Pain Area 4: You Don’t Have a Global Presence

Having a team overseas or from different countries is something that not many recruiters or employers deem essential. 

For recruiters, the challenges in hiring global candidates are scanning the resumes in different languages or hiring a translator to do the job. Again, there’s no guarantee of how accurate the reading can be. A potential candidate wants to be associated with a company with its roots or client base across the globe. 

Solution: RChilli resume parser as an HRIS solution enhances the recruiter’s reach to candidates across the globe, which gives them leverage over the competitors.

The multi-lingual parser is designed to parse resumes in 30+ languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and much more. Thus, hiring global candidates who match the skills-set becomes easy and fast with the automated resume screening parser in Salesforce.

Give our blog a read if you want to know about other recruiting challenges affecting quality hiring.


A recruitment strategy becomes more complex and equally significant as a business grows, not to forget the industry’s competitive nature. RChilli’s resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange becomes that perfect tool that can help streamline recruitment practices while saving time and money.

If you are struggling to establish a positive brand image and funnel resources in the intense talent acquisition space, schedule a call or write to us.

Source: How to Automate for a positive brand image?