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The world of data science is growing at an unprecedented rate and the demand of data science professionals especially data scientists is soaring high. If we look at the future, the year 2024 and beyond looks even more promising. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted by 2026 there will be around 11.5 million new jobs in the data science domain which clearly indicates the important role these professionals are playing in the growth of business in the current century.

McKinsey, the global management consulting firm, also predicted that there would be a shortfall of 150,000 data scientists with the right skill set to meet the ever-increasing demands of industry. Furthermore, IBM in its latest report emphasized that the demand for data scientists will surge by 28% in 2024 alone. These numbers are clear and evident; data science is not just a career but a thriving ecosystem of opportunities.

To help aspiring students and young professionals looking to establish themselves in their data science careers, the United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®) presents an informative infographic on the ‘Demand for Qualified Data Scientists’. This is a wonderful resource packed with interesting facts, figures, and statistics about data science careers, the industry and job outlook, the important tools you need to master, and many other things.

So, if you are considering a career in data science, and want to establish yourself in a lucrative data science position, then this visual asset will prove to be a great help. Stay ahead of the curve and plan your career effectively by getting your hands on this essential guide.