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Cosmetic Nursing Jobs Worth Looking Into

If you have a passion for nursing, there are many types of jobs available where you can provide care to different types of patients. Although the most popular type of nursing job is working in some form of medical facility, cosmetic nursing jobs are also available where the environments are more casual and less fast-paced. Here are a few aesthetic nursing practitioner jobs to look into when you’re thinking about where to take your career.

Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Many aesthetic nursing jobs are available at medical spas where you can provide patients with Botox injections and fillers, allowing them to achieve a more youthful appearance. You can share your knowledge with the patients to ensure they make the right decision and choose the correct number of units as they target specific areas of their faces. You may also collaborate with the sales team as you offer new treatments and suggest different procedures to patients as they look for new ways to correct cosmetic issues.

Cosmetic Vein Nurse

Many patients seek vein treatment services in the cosmetic industry as they suffer from varicose veins. As a cosmetic vein nurse, you can enjoy a rewarding career as you treat veins using lasers and other types of equipment. The treatments not only offer relief to patients who are suffering from pain and discomfort, but can reduce the visibility and size of the veins.

Plastic Surgery Registered Nurse

There are an increasing number of plastic surgery registered nurse positions available where you can assist medical professionals in providing a high level of care to patients before, during, and after their procedures. You’ll accompany surgeons during consultations and will take medical histories. You may also be responsible for handling medication prescription orders and answering the patient’s questions.

Ear Piercing Nurse

As an ear-piercing nurse, someone certified by cosmetic medical institutions like Blomdahl USA, you can work in a medical facility and provide a superior ear-piercing experience to patients as they request piercings on different parts of their face, ears, and body. This type of position can allow you to earn competitive pay and the opportunity to earn tips. You can have the opportunity to make your patients feel safe and at ease while providing them with a memorable experience in more of a casual and fun setting.

When you have a nursing degree, there are many different positions available that you can pursue if you’re passionate about aesthetics or want a change. You can continue to earn a competitive salary and feel rewarded for providing a high level of care to patients.