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Becoming Cybersecurity Specialist In 2024: Your Career Guide to Success

Cybersecurity specialists are among the top cadre of cyber experts guarding the industry against cyberattacks. It is a well-known fact that the cybersecurity industry is set on fire when it concerns the number of threat attacks taking place every year. The year 2023 closed at 470 publicly disclosed security incidents, accounting for 519,111,354 compromised records, bringing the year’s total to nearly 6 billion (

The year 2024 has already begun with the 5th generation of advanced ‘weapon-grade’ hacking tools that are leaked allowing attackers to move fast and infect massive business groups and entities across geographies. This has made the role of a cybersecurity specialist all the more indispensable than ever before. Let us understand the influential role a cyber specialist draws in the security landscape worldwide and how to become one in 2024.

Who is a Cybersecurity Specialist?

A Cybersecurity Specialist is a seasoned cyber professional who works closely in Information technology, designing, and building systems and processes that assist organizations in keeping sensitive information secure from malicious attackers. In simple words, they draw the wall between the threat actors and core industry information and keep a guard on it.

Worldwide Demand for Cybersecurity Specialists:

The good news is that the number of professionals working in cybersecurity jobs reached its all-time highest number of 5.5 million last year ( There is a huge demand for seasoned cybersecurity professionals, that is expected to touch 3.5 million jobs going unfilled worldwide by 2025. If not attended to at the earliest, the talent gap is expected to enlarge at a staggering rate in the years to follow.

This talent crunch is going to cost the business landscape heavily in terms of cost and reputation; if not guarded by a specialised cyber workforce. This is why, global brands, institutions, and universities are levied with the responsibility of churning out quality cybersecurity specialists; who are ready to take the industry by storm.

Roles and Responsibilities:

· Developing and implementing cybersecurity strategies


·Reporting and investigating IT security incidents


·  Monitoring software usage


· Advising and training team members


· Protecting systems by defining access privileges


· Building firewalls and malware detection


· Protecting organizations’ digital networks from criminal intrusion


·Recreating security incidents to identify vulnerabilities


·Installing and testing new security measures



Essential Skills to Become Cybersecurity Specialist:

· Network configuration and management


· Logical reasoning and troubleshooting


· Firewall installation


· Automation implementation


· Programming


· Adaptability


· Administration of operating systems


· Communication


· Risk identification and management


· Access management


· Data management and analysis


· Attack surface management


· Cloud implementation and management


· Application security and protection



Quick Guide to a Cybersecurity Specialist Career:

Basic Education

Earn your merit in STEM subjects at school and college; to pave your way ahead in the cybersecurity industry.

Degrees, Training, and Certifications reports 20% of cybersecurity specialists have an associate degree, 59% bachelor’s degree, and 21% have a graduate degree. This reflects upon a crucial fact that topping your basic education with credible cybersecurity certifications will land you a thriving career with a rising trajectory.

Domain Expertise

Whether network administration, incidence security, or penetration testing is the role that you aim for; gaining domain expertise via internships and bootcamps; is a great idea to benefit in your job search.

Network with Industry Professionals

Being present at industry meet-ups and other collaborations is sure to set your cybersecurity job search to the top tier by leveraging high-level skills being gained straight from the horse’s mouth.

Strong Portfolio

Become a quick pick in front of your future recruiter by building your portfolio stronger by adding globally-trusted certification badges and other credentials of expertise to validate and secure your spot at the role on offer.

Role of a Cybersecurity Certification Course and Training:

The year 2024 has put a massive number of cybersecurity certifications on offer; that can be attained online or onsite; from an international university or a global certification provider. The time is now to put in that research and land a preferred job role. Popular cybersecurity credentials today are being offered by United States Cybersecurity Institute (USCSI®), CompTia, Coursera, EC Council, and many others; that stand a strong chance of giving you a strong start in your career along with a lucrative salary and skill hike.

Salaries Expected:

ZipRecruiter reports the annual average salary for a cybersecurity specialist in the United States to be USD 93,170. Glassdoor reflects USD 78,424 annually to be paid in North America, and USD 62,583 in Germany. Many other countries honor and offer good compensation for deserving candidates.


Is it hard to become a cybersecurity specialist?

-Mastering cybersecurity could be challenging, but it does not have to be difficult; especially if you bring the zeal to nail it with a learner’s attitude.

How long does it take to become a cybersecurity specialist?

-With the right basic education in STEM, you can begin gaining cybersecurity nuances in as little as two years or as long as four years. However, getting into the industry is made a cakewalk with top cybersecurity certifications; that are self-paced and offer a graded level of courseware to be completed in a shorter period (maybe a few months) at an affordable price.

Can a non-technical professional get into cybersecurity?

-Yes, it is possible to enter the field; even after years spent in a non-technical career. Bring your grit and a learner’s attitude with sheer persistence to make a cybersecurity specialist career your reality soon.