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A Key Marketing Tip Which Could Be Key To Your Business

All businesses require some form of printing from time to time. Whether this is for outreach purposes or internal use, printing plays a big role. And choosing the best form of printing for your business can depend on many factors, from the cost to the purpose of the printed piece.  

From litho printing to ink jet and digital, each have their own attributes.

Here, we will explore three reasons why digital printing is the correct choice for your business.

It is an efficient printing method

Digital printing is developed with efficiency in mind. While large orders can be expensive, there are measures you can take to get the most for your money when it comes to digital printing.

Short runs are cheap in the world of digital printing, and if you decided on coloured printing then price doesn’t change between a single colour or 100s. If you solely need printing for message purposes, choosing black and white print instead of colour could be a cheaper way of achieving it.

There are also less steps in the creation of digital print than traditional methods. Rather than needing a sheet to be made and pressed, digital printing works through documents – making the process from digital creation to print a smoother and quicker transition.

It also makes the process less labour intensive, increasing the turnaround rate and reducing costs further.

It allows for easy correction

Whereas previous printing methods involved sheets which needed to be changed anytime there was a mistake or new decision, making the process more costly than often budgeted for, digital printing can be changed instantaneously.

This can even save you money and time as you don’t have to restart the whole process, but instead just routinely change the document: important, for example, if you notice a spelling error.

By choosing digital print, you can adjust the document as and when you need to and at every stage of the process, making mistakes a less costly and time-invasive problem.

The ability to personalise content

Personalisation is important when it comes to printing, especially if it is for the purpose of marketing such as with direct mail.

It is proven that personalisation can drive engagement and loyalty with customers. In fact, 84% of recipients are more likely to open mail if it is personalised to them. Therefore, having the ability to change your print throughout the process is key if you are using it to outreach to new customers or retain loyalty from previous ones.

Not only can you personalise the image and text which is being used within seconds, but with digital printing you can also choose a variety of materials. Whether you are wanting to use your print to send personalised letters to customers, or even create merchandised tote bags, digital printing has the capacity to easily produce different product types.


Digital printing caters to your business and its needs. Whether you are looking to print for the purpose of marketing, internal signage, or other uses, you can use digital print to create a variety of products.

If your business is interested in short bursts of small batch orders, focused on high-quality content, then digital printing is the perfect route for you. It is also a cost-effective method with rapid turnaround rates, meaning that you can receive your print quickly, even if you aim to personalise a large number of items.