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9 Tips for Training Employees Without Breaking The Bank

In order to be successful, it is important for businesses to have a well-trained staff. However, training employees can be costly and time consuming. Thankfully, it doesn’t always have to be like that. In this article, we’ll give you 9 tips for training employees without breaking the bank.

1. Make it Mandatory

If you want to ensure that all of your employees complete the training, you can make it mandatory. This doesn’t mean that you have to force them to do it, but you can require that they complete it within a certain time frame.

You can also offer a bonus or incentive for employees who complete the training early. This will help employees see the value in completing the training and give them an incentive to do so.

2. Use In-House Trainers

If you have any employees who are particularly knowledgeable in a certain area, see if they would be willing to train other employees. This can be a great way to save money on outside trainers.

To set something like this up, you can create a schedule and have the in-house trainer give a presentation to employees during their break or lunch hour.

3. Create a Mentorship Program

Another great way to train employees is to create a mentorship program. This can pair up more experienced employees with newer employees. The experienced employee can help guide and train the newer employee on company procedures and processes.

This is especially valuable for new hires. It can help them get acclimated to the company and learn the ropes more quickly.

4. Provide Feedback

It’s important to provide feedback during and after the training. This will help employees see what they need to work on and what they did well.

Feedback should be given in a constructive way so that employees can learn from their mistakes and build on their successes. The best part is that you don’t need any money to provide valuable feedback, just some time and consideration.

5. Get Creative with Training Methods

There are many ways to train employees without spending a lot of money. You can get creative with your methods and come up with some fun and innovative ideas.

One idea is to create a training scavenger hunt. This can be done both in person and online. Employees can be given a list of tasks to complete that will help them learn more about the company, procedures, etc.

6. Use Simulations and Games

Another great way to train employees is to use simulations and games. This can help employees learn about procedures, processes, and even customer service in a fun and interactive way.

This method can be especially effective for sales training. There are many sales simulation games available that can help employees learn about the sales process and how to close deals.

7. Offer Incentives

One way to encourage employees to participate in training is by offering incentives. This could be anything from a gift card to extra vacation days. Offering incentives can help employees see the value in training and help them stay motivated.

To find the best incentive, think about what your team likes. If they are competitive, you could offer a prize for the employee who completes the training the quickest.

8. Utilize Technology

There are many ways to utilize technology when training employees. You can create training videos, use webinars, or even create an eLearning course. This can be a great way to train employees without having to spend a lot of money on travel and lodging expenses.

You should also look into quality RTO training resources. These kinds of resources are invaluable but usually very affordable.

9. Evaluate Results

After the training is complete, it’s important to evaluate the results. This will help you see what worked well and what didn’t. It will also give you an opportunity to improve the training for future employees.

Evaluating the results of the training can be done in a number of ways. You can create surveys, interviews, or even focus groups. Once you have the results, you can make changes to the training so that it is more effective.


Training employees doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways to train employees without breaking the bank. By using some of the methods mentioned above, you can train your employees effectively and efficiently.