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7 Outdoor Jobs That Require Proper Certifications

Are you someone who loves the outdoors and wants to make a career out of it? Several outdoor jobs require proper certifications for safety and quality. These certifications showcase that the person has the necessary skills and knowledge required for the job. Certifications can be obtained through training programs and tests that ensure proficiency in the area of work. Here are seven outdoor jobs that require proper certifications.

Property Surveying 

Property surveying involves measuring and mapping a specific area of land, which requires a proper license certification. Property surveyors need to have a deep understanding of math and science, as well as different types of surveys and maps. In order to do property surveying one must have good attention to detail and be physically fit to work long hours in the field.

Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is a recreational activity that can be turned into a career by obtaining a certified license. Scuba diving certification provides the person with necessary knowledge about the equipment and techniques used for dives. Different levels of certifications are available depending on the type of diving one wants to pursue.

Wilderness First Aid 

Outdoor enthusiasts and professionals can benefit from formal wilderness first aid certification. The course focuses on wilderness-specific medical emergencies, such as snake bites, heat injuries, and hypothermia. Having certification for wilderness first aid can be beneficial for activities like hiking or camping trips.

Rock Climbing 

Professional rock climbers are required to have a certification from the American Mountain Guides Association. This organization offers courses in rock climbing and guide training that cover essential skills like anchor building and rescue techniques. Certification ensures safety and quality work for clients.

Bike Repair 

If you want to start your bike repair business, certification is the key. Bike repair certification includes mechanical skills and business acumen. Different levels of a bike certification course are available for a person starting from the basics to expert.

Tree Climbing 

Arborist certification from the International Society of Arboriculture certifies the person in tree climbing, installation of cabling and bracing systems, and other tree care-related activities. The certification is essential for professional arborists who work on trees in public areas or urban areas.

Hunting and Fishing 

Most states in the US have a hunting or fishing certification program that regulates hunting and fishing activities. It allows the person to learn the rules and regulations, improve overall safety, and preserve wildlife.

If you are someone who enjoys outdoor jobs, then getting the proper certification is vital for safety and ensuring proper work. Certification programs require time, effort and project compliance from the individual. It not only makes the person better at their job but also improves the overall quality of the work done. The certifications offer distinguished skill sets in the respective areas of work, which in turn, can lead to better opportunities in terms of pay and job satisfaction. So, get the necessary certification and increase your value in the outdoor workforce.