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5 Tips for Breaking into Your Business Career

Starting a business career can be an exciting proposition for young professionals. However, breaking in can also be challenging and requires much hard work and dedication. Luckily, with the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can get started on the path to success in no time. Here are five tips that can help you confidently break into the business world.

1.   Develop Your Professional Network

When you’re just starting, it may seem like everyone else has more experience or better qualifications than you do. However, don’t let that stop you from contacting others in the field. You never know who can offer advice or even point you toward an open position. Contact people on LinkedIn, attend industry events and join professional groups on social media. The more people you network with, the better your chances of finding a great job opportunity.

2.   Think Strategically about Your Resume

While most resumes include personal details and work history, remember to use strategic keywords that emphasize your skills and abilities. It will help you stand out from other applicants who need similar experience or qualifications as yours. Keep your resume concise and highlight only those relevant points to the role you’re applying for. This will ensure that potential employers spend time learning about what matters instead of being distracted by irrelevant information on your resume.

3.   Get an MBA

Graduating with an MBA could open doors to a more prestigious position and salary within the business world, a major asset to your career path. Though this isn’t a walk in the park, competition is tough, and getting accepted into some top schools can be daunting. That’s where companies like Fortuna Admissions come in, offering insights from professional coaches who have extensive experience with global companies, network connections, and internship programs, giving you the best chance for success in your application.

4.   Stay Up-to-Date On Industry Trends

No matter your business career path, staying up-to-date on industry trends is essential to stay competitive in today’s job market. Set aside some time each week to read industry news and blogs so that you can stay informed about changes in technology and other advancements related to your field of interest. Additionally, attending conferences or online webinars hosted by experts in the field can provide valuable insight into current trends and future developments within the industry.

5.   Demonstrate Your Value

When looking for a new job opportunity, remember that employers are looking for someone who can add value to their company, not just fill up space behind a desk or answer phones all day. Consider how your skillset can benefit an organization. Provide examples of how past positions have enabled you to demonstrate success at previous jobs or projects while showing off any awards or accomplishments along the way. Be bold and talk yourself up if employers need to know what value you bring to their team.


Breaking into any field requires hard work and dedication, especially when navigating high-level corporate environments. It is unfamiliar territory for most young professionals looking to launch their careers in business management or other related fields. By following these tips, however, anyone can overcome any challenges posed along their journey from novice worker bee into seasoned executive, all while having fun doing so.